Opinion: Uganda needs a government of the people

David Wangusi speaks to British media.

AUTHOR: David Wangusi Masinde. Courtesy photo.

Ugandans are fed up with Political Katembe. It does not matter what political party someone comes from anymore. The country needs a non violent collective script of thought to rescue themselves.

A political system which will put the citizens of the country first. That is a country where political leaders are the servants of the people.

Building social fabric and strong corruption free structures where every Ugandan sees the fruit of their labor without prejudice.

Where every government office does its job to the citizens without favors and nor bribes.

Where employment is a matter of merit not relationships or family equity.

A Uganda that makes everyone in and out of the country feels that they belong and can go in and out without the fear of arrest because of what they say politically.

A Uganda where everyone practices their political rights without fear of arrest.

A Uganda that allow the Diaspora to engage fully in home politics. That is allowing the Diaspora to vote and choose their leaders.

A Uganda that looks after its foreign missions well employs professionals and experts to source businesses and good connections to benefit our local market with more exportation clout.

A Uganda that take care of its Armed Forces and the Police with proper pay, housing, pension, and promotions without favor.

A Uganda where Education and Health sectors are a priority. No nation functions well without proper good education system and health facilities. A country cannot develop when it has illiterate and sick people.

A Uganda that will connect it’s institutions with same minded and new challenging ones to other countries to share knowledge and understanding.

A Uganda that pays health, teachers and civil servants handsomely.

A Uganda where scholarships are provided on regional balance as opposed to relations and family connections.

A Uganda that uses its natural resources for research, development and innovation for the benefit of every citizens.

A Uganda where citizens’ views are taken seriously and the deeds of government explained and transparent to avoid confusion.

Uganda needs servitude leadership not selfish power obsessed individuals.

David Wangusi Masinde
Uganda National Consensus Against Corruption
London United Kingdom

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