BOBI WINE knew he would be accused, tortured and imprisoned

Bobi Wine confronts police during social media tax protest in Kampala last year. File photo.

Above 50 percent of what he prophesied last year in 2017 after winning the hotly contested Kyandondo East parliamentary seat is coming to pass.

MP Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu vastly known as Bobi Wine, the afrobeat artist is under acute pain, his friends and relatives who visited him on Friday at Makindye military barracks say.

While whatever he’s undergoing now is shocking every Ugandans who love him, Bobi Wine had many prophesies that he and his voters and fans countrywide would one day go through some tense moments

On July, 30, 2017, he said these and today we reproduce some of his brief speech to the people of Kyandondo East.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and wife during campaigns to become an MP

 “The people of Kyadondo East, my campaign volunteers- those who spent sleepless nights on the campaign trail, those who made sacrifices to make this happen- THANK YOU. You have proven once again that people power is more powerful than the people in power!…Am very sure of what am going to face, this is a failed regime we are living in, they will accuse me/us of things we have not done. They will imprison us at anytime they want, they will torture us but we have nothing to do, we have to be brave and face what’s coming. The only way to get our country back is to be determined and united together. This is our country.” 

In recent months, he had this to say: “When our leaders have become misleaders and mentors have become tormentors. When freedom of expression becomes the target of oppression, opposition becomes our position.”

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