My Message to President Museveni, opposition and Uganda Young Democrats

Mwaka Emmanuel.

The Author. Courtesy photo.

By Mwaka Lutukumoi

Congs Kennedy! You clutched the gown of courage and were never ashamed to carry the Hoe and green! DP.

By the way, it’s not about the victory, BUT the battle, you lost the war but won the battle.

Norbert Mao stood and got votes from his family and friends and ardent supporters, he had my vote but I was a kid.

It was 1994 CA against old Adimola when Mao stood and lost miserably. He later made it.

Hon. Asuman Basalirwa got less than 10 votes to be youth mp, lost 5 times under JEEMA, would not even be number 5  out of 8, but he is MP now.

The list is long including Abraham Lincoln, who lost myriads of times as senator but made it as President of USA. 

Myself, I was a fatherless, motherless, almost a vagabond.

In 1994, I listened to Mao, followed him, and he mentored me,  I had issues with Gulu DP, and hated squabbles  in the main, but served and was elected by delegates, as NATIONAL spokesperson/ publicity, no one can dispute my record…Google Mwaka Lutukumoi and DP.

I stood twice for election, was runners up in Gulu Municipality in 2006/2011.

I employ over 30 people in the NGO I initiated with my friends like Opoka Simon, Okot D, Olum S and Sakura a Japanese friend.

We kept over 10.000 homeless children running from Kony captivity in 2003-2007.

Built a huge vocational education center, educated more 1000 children, 54 to university from primary.  From Acholi and Lango, even Western Uganda. These were street kids’ majority.

I served as RDC, twice voted best RDC in Uganda.  Check my record in Lira.

I am a writer! / Author and scholar, now based in USA.

Why all these? I am not bragging, but to tell you that God of Truth and justice will lift you high!

Indeed, in this Forum, you must walk with heads high! We who supported YOU knew Wadri would win, but we did to show solidarity. 

Post H.E MUSEVENI, we may not see the old but the Okidi Chris (UYD PRESIDENT) of the world.  You the young, we supported you like the DP fathers would do.

In their graves, Late Dr Ben Kiwanuka, late Dr Sebana kizito, late Nsubuga would appreciate Kasiano victory   in Arua but celebrate your courage, not to run away from yourself but join and carry DP flag.

Thanks all Supporters, who went to Arua. Thanks Hon. Norbert Mao, President General. You said, if it’s to be, it’s up to us, you didn’t go by the crowd.

Cde Okidi,  Cde Opoka, Hon.Amony, Cde Kitara,  Hon Simple M. Obol, thank you Gulu team.

Thanks Hon Alitia and Arua DP team, real kakongoliro! THANKS Linda Zedriga …Thanks team from central who supported JMB.

Congratulations to Wadri team. You did your best, we crossed, but what makes a family a family? Always children quarrel, fight but live together in that home, every family.

To those who want change, unite! Without Mao team, Lukwago team, Suubi team, Besigye team, Muntu team, OPPOSITION team; People power team, forget change,  let’s all join NRM, waste no time!

To the family of the dead son of Uganda, killed for nothing, from the raged incited by uncontrolled mob, God is God, clear YOUR tears. I cried each time I saw blood dripping from under the car.

God’s vengeance is mightiest.

To Hon. Bobi Wine and all MPs in incarceration, freedom is a dearly bought commodity, so expensive that, we get in prison and jail. You will be safe.

God will do what man can’t do. If H.E as in Romans 13, derives authority from grid, and loves Uganda, and a freedom fighter, he will pardon you from injustice and sit down with those with different views on governance.

To PRESIDENT MUSEVENI, it’s suicidal for anyone to abuse the person of the President. Hitting your motorcade with even a ripe banana amounts to death?

But you are a father, in your rally you said, because of your tolerance, you were able to bring Uganda where it is – we all condemn such violence in the strongest term, but for peace and Uganda’s sake, as always, forgive.

May you pardon them! God will bless your leadership.  We need NATIONAL reconciliation, there is a voice, a child is crying, its late night, and a father’s attention can safe life!

Dialogue and yes, your legacy must not go to waste….

For God and my Country. 


A scholar and living in the United States of America

Former DP National Spokesperson and RDC

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