OPINION: Museveni, other top politicians panicking over Bobi Wine

Isaah Otto Amiza - former Oyam South MP. File photo

By Ishaa Amiza Otto

Fellow Ugandans,

On 13, August, 2018 was yet another bloody day in the history of Uganda when an innocent citizen of Uganda was murdered in cold blood for being a driver of a politician.

You are already aware that the driver of Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was shot dead while on his steering by suspected state killers.

This is not the first time the regime is acting on fear of political humiliation and defeat – have cowardly killed, tortured and arrested those believed to be opposed to the regime’s military group – “the NRA/M”.

 The killing of this innocent Muganda and a citizen of Uganda cannot be viewed in isolation but these forms of killings must now be analyzed and confronted by indigenous Ugandans because its increasingly becoming evident that the perpetrators of these deaths are not fellow Ugandans but strangers who have since taken control of the state and used state apparatus to eliminate and dehumanize indigenous Ugandans for the sake of their selfish political and economic interests.

It’ a high time indigenous Ugandans come together to build solidarity to stop the excesses of these foreigners turned Ugandans.

For the last 32 years several indigenous Ugandans have suffered deaths in mysterious circumstances without the state giving an account on how they die.

In the case of Bobi Wine mobilizing support for the anti – Museveni’s politicians in the on- going elections, I find top political leaders like Museveni, etc panicking over Bobi’s political trial  absolutely ignorant and primitive.

In conclusion, aware that the NRA/M continues to neutralize their opponents using state machinery at will and with impunity, are we going to continue watch this trend without any reaction from the public.

Whereas, the NRA state may be preparing ground for a possible genocide in Uganda like they masterminded the 1994 Rwandan genocide, it’s time that Ugandan people rises up to end three decades of trauma and enslavement of the common people.

I wish to further condemn the barbarism and backwardness with which the NRA/M has continued to undermine the sovereignty and freedoms of the people of Uganda.

Time has come for the noble minds to rise up to the occasion and confront the challenges to change the status quo.

As I pray for the souls of the innocent population of Uganda, I wish to implore fellow Ugandans that we should be prepared for a revolution that may lead to physical destruction and loss of lives for the sake of liberating those whose rights and freedoms have been hijacked and possessed by a few greedy individuals.

 I say all these for the sake of lasting peace and sustained democracy.

For God & My Country

Hon. Ishaa Amiza Otto,

Ex-MP of Ugandan 8th Parliament

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