Gulu tycoon plans to again evict 300 locals from urban land

Some of the locals to be evicted from urban land in Gulu Municipality. Photo by Denis Otti.

Over 300 residents of Paboo quarters, Kirombe parish, Layibi division in Gulu Municipality are in total panic and dilemma after losing their land to a tycoon who claims the land belongs to him.

Mundrunga Richard is claiming ownership of 10 plots in the above area which he said was for his late parents.

Angee Doreen, one of the victims who was also once arrested and jailed by the accused over this contested land, on Sunday while addressing northern Uganda journalists from Northern Uganda Media Centre [NUMEC] said that the land she is occupying, about 2 plots is helping her feed her five children.

Angee also says the land was willed to her by her late mother who passed away 10 years ago.

The mother of five children added that she has as well been paying ground rent to the municipal council as required by Law.

She however expressed her disappointment with the police and the office of the LC 3 Layibi division for taking bribe, which she said made the Court to rule against them in their absence.

Thomas Rymond Opira who’s the area LC 1 chairperson of the above area, condemned the act of a leader taking bribe hence, he described it as ‘abuse of office’.

Opira appealed to other leaders in high level to come out and stand with their person to avoid harassment by the accused who is using the police and the army to threaten the poor community.

He [Opira] also accused Mundrunga for not respecting the court, saying that the issue is before the Court of Appeal.

Last year, Gulu High Court ruled in favor of Mundrunga. That ruling later left over 50 households homeless as houses were demolished by court bailiffs and others set ablaze.

These, according to the community were totally against the ruling which they said was not fair as court ruled in their dearth. It later forced the victims to rush to Court of Appeal.

 Attempt from get Mundrunga to comment on the allegations were unsuccessful as his phone was not on during press time.

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