Ugandan in United States writes open letter to Bobi Wine

The Author: Mwaka Lutukumoi

Dear Hon Kyagulanyi,

Grace and peace from The Lord Almighty. I listened and read your speech in Arua, I was half convinced. Martin Luther king Jr. taught us that: “The moment we keep silent on things that matter, our lives begin to end! You matter to me. He [Jr.] added: “In the end, they will NOT remember the words of the enemies but the silence of our friends”. I am a friend not a fiend. My PRESIDENT, I love you, if you have advisers, check them: realign them. If not, let them be elders from all political sheds- but honest and tested youth. Assemble at least 5 elders, 5 youth, 5 women, 5 Persons with Disabilities [PWDs], 5 children who are smart. Before engaging, ask their views. Get at least 10 professors, 10 scholars and serious political analysts. Create a research desk to do socio, political, and economic research across the country as we as geopolitics. Consult the old brooms; the Mao’s, Besigye, Karuhanga, Amama,  Mafabi, etc. Be sober; never respond to anyone on social media.  Now have a spokeswoman or man. Now start behaving like PRESIDENT. But be open to advise, you are PRESIDENT in the waiting, but you listen to divine voice or you will wreck it. It might be in 2021 or beyond, but take your time. 2021 you might be a king maker, Uganda needs a leader post MUSEVENI. There will be lots of mess to correct. Continue singing and producing more revolutionary music. Remember, neglecting Mao, you will kill Acholi and Lango votes, neglecting Besigye, Amama forget Western votes. After MUSEVENI over stayed, with the spiral of violence that follows tribes of respective Presidents, even NRM supporters hope in Besigye in the west…don’t ignore him. Mafabi is the key in Bugisu, and negating him forgets Bugisu, and yes, many more. I have a lot, but I stop here. When you stayed away from Arua, and was reported that you won’t attend it was 100% mature. When you went, I was annoyed, and flabbergasted, not only me but majority who see you as a leader not politician. You entered fire; I felt you don’t have advisors. Look, DP is your base, and you should have avoided siding with a faction, that was in SDP or being courted back. 2. FDC had their candidate. Besigye was going there; Wadri is among the rebel 22 mps. You joined them and now clearly showed side. Bro, it’s not about rhetoric or sloganeering shenegans, it’s beyond that. Ugandans want a leader, and are watching. They don’t hate Museveni, they appreciate but are fed up with him. They want a better person, mature enough to handle the army as commander in chief, handle the hostile Uganda and its foreign policy. The antagonism in Arua show was that you had better crowd than Mao or Besigye! Superficial. To imagine an enemy and fails to attack the real enemies is a clear way to self destruction. These must not be created at all. It’s not statecraft. Look, in Arua, people have decided. NRM or opposition candidate. Uganda needs unity in diversity to bring Democracy back from the prolonged desperation. We need a sober, solid leader. It’s foolhardy for anyone to advise you to shun, or ridicule Besigye, or Mao so that you take OPPOSITION leadership.  God knows. Arua was not a do or die, 2021 is, you need everyone.
Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and Bugiri Municipality MP Asuman Buslirwa.
And opposition must sit together, factions and main. Circumstance may favor factions now but the main has structures needed for the future, unless you guys are bent on leading OPPOSITION, you may not think that way but that’s the mentality of your allies. Martin Luther king Jr. said, “Unless we unite together as brothers, we will die together as fools! It took Israelites 40 years in a journey of about 614 Km. It took OPPOSITION 32 years, now with you getting in the mix of division, another 30 years under NRM. Trust me. People may go for the NRM devil they know than risk to intrigues in OPPOSITION. MWAKA LUTUKUMOI Former DP NATIONAL spokesperson Former RDC APPOINTED by President MUSEVENI Scholar based in USA
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