My heartfelt thoughts: Uganda’s hypocrites and dictatorship

Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukumoi, former DP National Spokesperson.

By Mwaka Lutukumoi

Hypocrisy, dishonesty, deceit and lies dogs Uganda today. We have a life PRESIDENT from one region, and heavy disparity of development in Uganda for more over 33 years in one region. He gerrymandered Uganda’s politics.

WE have a life PRESIDENT for OPPOSITION from one region, with similar character with “The Leopard” with sloganeering of one Uganda, one people. We are tired of those duping rhetoric and suspecting shenegans!

Then we have intolerant 22 FDC MPs led by Gen Mugisha Muntu, former army commander who over saw 200 bodies innocently burned in Mukura in Teso.

Thousands died, over 30.000 kids abducted in Eastern Uganda under his nose. Like 1830s Bourbon Monarchs, Ugandans learned nothing and forgotten nothing on their nasty past!

Now they are at the verge of separation and want to lead OPPOSITION in Uganda, if YOU failed to handle unity in a small PARTY, and as a army commander failed to protect north, how can you be PRESIDENT? Are they all promoting the 50 year NRM project?

Now, in DP, Suubi , tribal  haters, led by Lukwago and Namboze, clandestine fiends not friends planted in DP moves  against DP because President Mao is NOT a Muganda.

Under the guise of regime change, they gather against DP candidates. Like in Arua, some left FDC and DP to support Independent Wadri, who is over 70 years old, leaving youthful DP and FDC candidates.

Today is youth day, what will THEY say? What future are they fighting for when NRM dictatorship fronts a Tiperu who has been in Parliamentary politics FOR two decades and Wadri against the way young?

The opposition hides under regime change.  Now, can one or two MPs defeat Museveni’s NRM in Parliament? You are duping who? Ugandans? Look, unity must start at Presidential levels…

Now you are attacking and destroying DR Besigye and FDC to create your power base so you lead OPPOSITION in Parliament and feast on money.

You don’t care about poverty, disease, desperation, unemployment, and arrested development of Uganda. 

Why want NRM off when you are worse? It’s like digging a hole to fill a hole! Paradoxical and ironical!

Look, Bobi Wine, I thought was honest, but Arua will dent his vision.  Leaving the Young for popularity of winning for old truck!

Bobi, am bamboozled and flabbergasted. How can you abandon your base? Youth are wondering yet we love you.

Real change needs unity in diversity, needs protracted negotiations with even the regime. Creating a strong-democratic institution not individual.

When parties come together, must have something to put on the table. You pretend to lead OPPOSITION in Parliament to eat….we can see…

MUSEVENI is not a rock, its time he realizes that he is mortal.  Give Uganda a chance. We had enough bloodshed, you did your best and worse, no more bloodshed.

Do what Kabila did, even your son, hand over. Bring Uganda together.  History will JUDGE you and time will prove you wrong.

Age comes with wisdom, be wise, FOR unity, let people’s power reign, let the other regions lead too. Share the national cake, don’t let untamed appetites for power, too much of it to drag Uganda back. We are moving on. At 26billion $ GDP we are at take off!

God, help us from these villains and fiends! Seems the Devil has taken over Uganda.

We can see, the country is taken away by the dogs and are here!

More want to greedily to take it again.  In Roman 13, Holy Bible you said, all authorities come from the above. We are bleeding.

Look, the watch dogs have become dogs and are around! Intervene. I love my country. But not all hopes ARE gone….We have untainted Mao Norbert, Nandala Mafabi, Bobi Wine, and Asuman …if we think of other regions now. Let opposition unite, behind one of THESE 4, let PRESIDENT move; do what Congo’s Kabila did.

For God and my Country


Was FORMER DP opposition NATIONAL spokesman, RDC APPOINTED by President MUSEVENI 
Now a scholar based in USA with a dream to lift Uganda to the mountain’s top.

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