Kenya’s Kenyatta to meet U.S. President Donald Trump

The two leaders are set to meet late August, 2018 at The White House. Photo credit: Kenya Today.

The President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta is scheduled to meet Donald Trump, the U.S. President on an official visit to the White House. The meet is slated for August 27, 2018, an official statement from the two leaders says.

In a letter issued Monday [today], White House said Presidents Trump and Kenyatta will discuss ways to broaden the strategic corporation between United States of America and Kenya.

“The meeting between the two leaders will reaffirm the longstanding relationship between the United States and Kenya as a cornerstone of peace and stability in Africa and the broader Indo-Pacific region,” part of the Monday letter reads.

It adds: “President Trump and President Kenyatta will explore ways to bolster trade and investment between the two countries, while strengthening security cooperation.”

On Monday, Kenya State House spokesperson, Mr Kanze Dena confirmed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to the U.S., saying he was invited by President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump succeeded much loved, Barrack Obama whose country of origin is Kenya, and a county, the latter recently visited.

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