President Salva Kiir, Riek Machar to sign peace deal on Sunday in Khartoum

The two are to meet in Khartoum on Sunday. Courtesy photo.

The President of South Sudan Salva Kiir has said the 2018 peace agreement with rival side won’t collapse like other past agreements.

Mr Kiir is expected to fly to Sudan’s Capital Khartoum tomorrow [Sunday] to sign the agreement at a ceremony to be hosted by President Omar El Bashir of Sudan.

On Friday, President Kiir says the agreement between his government and rebel group headed by Dr. Riek Machar would stand, adding that it was not reached under ‘pressure’.

For nearly seven years now, Machar’s rebel group SPLM-IO has fought incumbent President Salva Kiir. Many lives got lost and hundreds of thousands fled their country for safety.

“The deal of 2015 was forced on us. Majority of South Sudan citizens and government were not given enough opportunity to express their desire. I had to offer my reservations then,” President Kiir said on Friday in Juba.

Adding: “I was never taken seriously until the accord collapsed when they were seeing. But for this one of 2018, I won’t suffer,” he told media Friday.

While the President is optimistic this deal will stand the test of times, some opposition members are not sure this will make any sense for the country.

Likewise, the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement [SPLM] says the 2018 agreement fall short of many areas.

They also say there will be a problem in allocating power sharing ratios at all levels of governance where Kiir’s side will take 20 key positions in the new 35 member government.

Uganda has been instrumental in seeing everlasting peace prevails in the African youngest nation.

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