Business flops after LC5 chairman’s directive was dishonored  

A log being offloaded from the Fuso lorry in Gulu recently. Its sale Tuesday flopped

Auctioning of recently impounded logs by Gulu district local government officials flopped on Tuesday due to high pricing by the district.

Mr Ocen Simon senior accounts officer at Gulu district while speaking to journalists from Boma ground where the auctioning was to take place said that most of the buyers who had shown interest boycotted the exercise with many saying that that the logs are expensive.

He added that the selling price of the logs are not as expensive as claimed by buyers, revealing that the medium size logs cost only shs.600,000 and bigger size logs at shs.1.2million.

However, the Gulu district chairperson in charge production, marketing and natural resources, Mr Obol Justin aka Simpleman also the Laroo division LC5 councilor expressed his disappointment as some of the logs were missing.

Obol told TND News Uganda’ Denis Otti that some of ‘these logs might have been transported over the night.’

On the 27, July, 2018, Gulu District Executive Committee meeting resolved to dispose-of impounded logs through public auctioning in order to raise revenue for better service delivery.

Prior, the district council had put a ban on transportation of forest products especially illegal logs within Acholi sub-region.

Whereas the ban was to be put into practice, there existed connivance between some district officials, police and loggers. Some officials allegedly were given money in millions to allow transportation of banned forest products.

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Illegal logging became hotcake business in the sub-region where the area is highly forested with those tree species in high demand.

Conversely, the Tuesday’s flopped public auction was against the Gulu district LC5 chairman’s interest who had earlier given a different directive on how the impounded logs should be used.

Martin Ojara Mapenduzi earlier issued a statement urging that those impounded logs be used for making furniture.

In his statement, Mr Ojara directed those furniture be supplied to the needy institutions in the district such as health centers, schools and many others.

In doing this, the district chairman expected a reduction in seating scarcity in the public institutions in the district.


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