Zimbabwe likely to get youngest President as citizens cast votes Monday

Supporters of MDC with posters of their candidate Nelson Chamisa. COURTESY PHOTO.

After President Robert Mugabe’s rule was brought to an end by country’s military last year, Zimbabweans are electing their new president on Monday.

Incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, of ZANU PF and Nelson Chamisa, 40, of Movement for Democratic Change [MDC] are two key politicians in the race.

Many Zimbabweans are saying they want change with some being open to say, “I will vote for Chasima. I want a new Zimbabwe.”

Long queue were seen on Monday  in various polling stations across the country as citizens line up to cast their votes.

Mugabe, however, blasted ZANU PF party before polling day, calling on citizens to kick out Mnangangwa out of office.

Earlier on, President Emmerson promised fresh start for the country. Many now see him as a man having military support.

On Monday, Chamisa who is seen as the ‘next president’ of Zimbabwe said after voting in Harare: “I have no uncertainty that by the end of the day today [Monday] we should be very clear as to an resounding voice for change, the new, and the young — I represent that.”

Although campaigns were peaceful for opposition party MDC, they have raised recurring allegations of a flawed electoral turn over, ballot paper mismanagement, voter intimidation, bias by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), among other claims.

Should none of the aspirants get 50 percent of the total votes cast, a rerun is scheduled for September 8, 2018.

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