What ‘Ugandans’ have to say after FDC’s Namatende conceded defeat to JEEMA’s Basalirwa

Eunice Namanende lost to JEEMA candidate Asuman Basalirwa

Even before Electoral Commission officially announced Asuman Basalirwa as newly elected Member of Parliament for Bugiri Municipality on Friday, her main contender in that race, Eunice Namatende of Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party was penning her statement to accept defeat and to congratulate MP elect.

“Had it not been for joint efforts, especially the present of popular figure in MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, FDC was going to win,” one of the FDC leaders says.

Dr Kizza Besigye campaigned vigorously for FDC flag bearer.

Likewise, many of her Facebook followers, in thousands, thanked Namatende for accepting defeat while others see her as a mature young politician.

Firstly, below she wrote:


It was a great opportunity to take part in the Bugiri MP Municipality elections! These were two long months of campaigns for me and my team! We would like to thank you all for your contribution as we believed that we could make a contribution in leading our people in Parliament.

I would like to thank all those that supported us and voted for me! You are great men and women of Bugiri.

To my Party FDC, you stood by me and that is being principled and loyal! As a young woman that means so much to me and I hope that is something that many will appreciate in our Party for many years to come.

To my opponents, we had a good campaign and this is the moment where I can stand up to say with my head high the people have decided and unfortunately it is not me.

My brother Asuman Basalirwa congratulations for your hard earned win as the MP Elect of Bugiri Municipality.

Mr Basalirwa, I wish you well as our first MP of Bugiri Municipality. Lead us! Be an example out there to many MPs that Bugiri people we are different Godspeed!

I would like to thank my campaign team for taking their time to volunteer amidst a shoe string budget that we had! We will take this contest as a lesson. Let me thank the People of Bugiri Municipality who took time off to listen to me and those who opened their doors to listen to us, for us it was an opportunity to share your time with us!

May God bless you all my friends from all over the country!

One Uganda One People!

Soon, her Facebook followers had these to say:

Mwoya Gwa Gwanga wrote: “This is rate symbol of political maturity.”

Another one, Naggwa Asuman says, “Come to Bugiri for Woman MP we shall combine effort…JEEMA, FDC, DP, UPC Omunene Bobi Wine we make sure you win the race….#PeoplePower. Unity is power.

Kal Bast UG also wrote: “This maturity reasoning is coming after a sign of reality on ground. You have accepted the will of the people. Next time watch your words while on a National television. Your attack on Hon Asuman while on Nbs TV wasn’t ideal. So let the Lawyer goes and legislates and you too go teaching.

William Mutembuzi, commented thus: “It takes bravery to accept political defeat. You are still young and visionary. You will be a Parliamentarian someday.”

A screenshot with few comments.

One Dominic Barasi says, “I smell new breed of politician in Uganda. This is one of those few young but mature politicians coming up.”

To conclude, Huzaifa Kibz wrote: “That’s what we call Kyagulanyi effect but thanks for accepting the defeat hope you are going to work together with him for the good of Bugiri Municipality.”

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