Opinion: The Bugiri disagreements was of fundamental nature but definitive

MPs Robert Kyagulanyi, Odonga Otto and Zaake Francis during campaigns in Bugiri.

By Odaka Asuman

JEEMA and FDC parties had enjoyed very brotherly relation for a long time. The JEEMA president had given his whole self to our friends so much that some party members were accusing him of glorifying FDC more than the party he leads although many of us, who know him [Basalirwa] well, would confess that selflessness is his nature.

Shock gripped us when an election was announced in a newly created Municipality of Bugiri.

All manners of insults were thrown at a former ally; the “he is not on ground” narrative became their Anthem. His engagement with JPAM was made to sound very criminal even by those one known as are in Mr. M7 payroll.

They insulted any person who came out to support Asuman Basalirwa, they accused him of being sectarian, etc.

Even by those who have made open statement of hate against Islam and Muslims yet without remembering all the services that Basalirwa rendered to them.

To have an opposition that behaves like that is to have individuals full of themselves, with entitlements to have a comfortable group very comfortable group with position no.2.

That mentality was the origin of one of the former Basalirwa’s free legal beneficiaries to ask voters to rather vote NRM if they don’t want to vote his party.

Shortly after his boss had to dissuaded voters from voting Basalirwa on account that he won’t add or change anything in Parliament, a statement which left many wondering what Eunice would add.

Am not opening old wounds but a conduct and utterances were very shocking and annoying. It also guides all of us on future cooperation.

Bugiri Municipality was not an ordinary municipality election, no it wasn’t. This was a beginning of a new liberation front.

Anyone who wants to attempt to ignore this formation will be crudely shocked. I have heard some people trying hard to downplay the role of Hon. Bobi Wine which makes me think they have not woken to the new dynamic.

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