Exclusive: Lango rejected me, says Obote’s son Engena Maitum

A caricature of Bishop Engena Maitum.

Bishop Eddy Stanley Engena Maitum [BEE], one of the sons of Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] party founder, Dr Apollo Milton Obote has said the people of Lango, and especially Apac Municipality have ‘rejected him’.

His statement comes just a day after he lost a parliamentary race for Apac Municipality to UPC candidate, Ochan Patrick with NRM’s Jovino Akaki coming second. He polled only 99 votes with MP elect, Patrick Ochan obtaining 6,597 votes.

Engena who had presented himself to be the UPC flag bearer for the race, got frustrated and chickened out. He opted for independent ticket.

Exclusively speaking to TND News Uganda on Saturday evening, one of Engena’s former campaign managers says the son of the late two time president, Obote felt rejected by his own tribe, Lango.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, our source says whereas Bishop lost to UPC, his mission to politically making Uganda a better country is not finished.

“They [Lango] have rejected me, they have rejected Obote,” our source quoted Engena who he says briefed him Saturday morning.

He adds: “My vision was to use MP position to climb higher to presidency. Even then, I will vie for presidency come 2021.”

Bishop Engena who does not habitually communicate to his younger brother, Lira Municipality MP, James Micheal Akena, says his decision to go independent doesn’t mean he’s not a UPC man.

“I’m UPC by blood not by T’shirts they print. I opted to go as an independent candidate because had seen many [big] problem in the party and I was rejected before,” he says.

“I have my late father’s legacies with me. It’s inborn,” Bishop Engena added.

According to Engena, through his aide, the Akena-UPC-NRM Alliance will keep off his younger brother from the presidential race, yet again in 2021 general elections.

He says, such a disappointing arrangement could see him aspiring for Presidency under ‘UPC ticket’ to continue with what his father, Apollo Milton Obote [RIP] left undone.

Engena is a mole in UPC

Jimmy Akena’s aides are alleged to have said Engena is a mole in UPC and as such, they could not welcome him to hold the party flag.

“He’s being funded by Milton Obote Foundation [MOF]. He’s being backed by Joseph Mbosa’s camp,” his aides told us Saturday.

While such allegations were used to campaign against him, Engena’s aide says Obote’s son is a principled man who must be tested politically.

“With all the allegations from people like Akora, Ebil Ebil Fred and others, Engena used little money and did not bribe voters. He lost,” his aide says.

It’s prime to note that the political fight between Obote’s sons did not start this year, neither from Apac Municipality politics.

In what looks like the Genesis of this political bad game, in 2006 general election, a year after Obote had died and buried in Akokoro, there emerged a political interest from Engena’s deceased wife.

Deborah Gold Maitum sought advice from her elders [Oyima elders] to contest for Lira district woman MP seat.

Among contenders for Lira woman MP seat in 2006 were Ms Rebecca Amuge Otengo [who later won] and Ms Margaret Ateng Otim who lost in 2001 to Ms Otengo now Uganda’s Ambassador in Adis Ababa [Ethiopia].

That year, Jimmy Micheal Akena aka Atin Kic [meaning an orphan] defeated iron lady, Cecelia Babra Atim Ogwal and rendering her jobless for sometime.

Akena trounced Ms Ogwal from Lira Municipality MP chair until Dokolo district became operational and later winning the district Woman MP seat.

For Deborah Engena, it was something her elders who included Akbar Adoko Nekyon [RIP] never endorsed.

“Leave Lira and Lango to Akena. We have many Oyim children doing politics here,” Bishop Engena told this reporter in an interviews in late 2015 when he was preparing for presidency.

“My wife had an intention to represent the people of Lira district [Lango] in parliament but we were not welcomed. Our very own told us leave Lango to Akena,” Mr Maitum said, then.

Even after negotiation and pleading, the Oyima elders could not accept to bless the Engenas, injuring the political interest of Obote’s other blood.

In 2015, after retiring from Gods’ Ministry as Bishop, Engena said God had told him to contest for presidency to salvage Uganda from the current regime.

Slowly but surely, he picked nomination form for presidency for 2016 from the Uganda’s Electoral Commission unfortunately be bowed out of the race.

The decision to take off was after his close family members, including Oyima clan refusing to endorse his candidature and to bless it.

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