Uganda and Israel hold talks on military cooperation

CDF Gen David Muhoozi hosted his Israeli friend Brig Gen Itai Veruv.

On Thursday, 26 July 2018, Uganda and Israel committed themselves to step-up military co-operation in order to safeguard peace and stability.

The commitment was made during a meeting between Gen David Muhoozi the UPDF Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) and Brig Gen Itai Veruv of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) which was held at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs headquarters at Mbuya hill.

Gen Muhoozi applauded the Israel Government for supporting Uganda in its development programmes and supporting mechanisms that ensure peace and security on the African continent.

“We have been able to help our brothers in Somalia and other parts of Africa partly because of your country’s support” he noted.

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The Head of the Israel delegation Brig Gen Itai Veruv briefed the meeting on the partnership and military experience with Uganda.

Gen. Muhoozi David and Brig Gen Itai Veruv [L-front row] of Israel.
He hailed the UPDF on its successful mission in Somalia and said the Israel government will continue sharing experiences because of the relationship both countries have built over the years.

Brig Gen Itai was accompanied by the Israel Ambassador to Kenya,Malawi, Tanzania, Seychelles and Uganda H.E Amb. Noah Gal Gendler.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Commander Land Force Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, the Joint Chief of Staff Maj Gen Joseph Musanyufu among others.

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