Police: NRM claims its supporters got trounced in Apac Municipality are groundless

Says NRM claims are groundless, David Ongom Mudong being hosted on Devine FM in Apac Municipality on Friday morning.

Police from North Kyoga Region and the National Resistance Movement [NRM] party leaders are in confrontational disagreement as Apac Municipality voters elect their MP and Mayoral political leaders on Friday.

On Friday, NRM Communications chief, Rogers Mulindwa says NRM party supporters in Apac Municipality were being beaten as Police watches.

In his statement, Mulindwa says he got a report from Dr. Kenneth Omona, the NRM deputy treasurer.

“In Apac Municipality, our supporters are facing security challenges and response from the security is shocking,” Dr. Omona’s message, carried by Mulindwa reads.

It went on to read: “There is suspected connivance between police and the UPC leadership here to deny NRM candidate Hon Jovino Akaki victory in today’s Parliamentary race. These cases of UPC supporters beating up people [NRM] supporters have been reported to police but no meaningful actions taken,” Dr. Omona added.

Surprisingly, in what seem as UPC-NRM Alliance going bad, those allegedly beating up NRM supporters were putting on yellow T-shirts and caps.

Some were driving or being driven in black Land Cruiser registration number UAK 399W, tipper lorry registration number UAY 417N, among other vehicles.

Denying the NRM claims, David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga region Police spokesperson tasked ruling party leaders to show proof, urging them to formally report their claims.

“I was able to access the NRM documents in some forum but the allegations being raised are not true. We are the people on ground and we have not registered such attacks. If they have facts let them file a formal complaint and the matter will be handled,” Mudong told TND News Uganda.

“What we know, the election is going smoothly and peacefully,” he added.

Urging the police on the ground, NRM’s communication chief, Mulindwa says Police ought to conduct their duty without favoring any political party.

TND News Uganda’s reporter in Apac, Emmanuel Opio. O will file more report especially on voting outcome.

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