Celebrity news: MR DEE speaks on music, love and challenges  

His new song, Facebook Love is set for launch next month.

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Northern Uganda’s finest artist, winner of Lango Entertainment Award’s [LEA 2016] breakthrough Artist that year, MR DEE had an interview with TND celebrity Desk and shared his journey.

That same year, 2016, his hit song Cem Laga was also nominated as a breakthrough song of the year under Northern Uganda Entertainment Award (NUEA).

Odora Denis aka MR DEE

TND’s Celebrity Desk Editor, James Ouko asked him the following questions. Read on.

MR DEE, welcome and thanks for honoring our invitation amid your tight schedule. To begin with, what’s your full name and how old are you?

MR DEE: I’m called Odora Denis. 31 years old now.

TND Celebrity Desk: You look brilliant. Something to tell us?

MR DEE: I’m an Engineer by profession. A product of Kyambogo University.

TND Celebrity Desk: Oh! Why then can’t you concentrate on your profession?

MR DEE: I love music and I feel it takes big part of me. I love what I was trained for too

TND Celebrity Desk: Where do you come from? Your fans may be interested in knowing that too.

MR DEE: I come from Kungu in Apac district, Northern Uganda.

TND Celebrity Desk: Tell us your first hit song.

MR DEE:  My first hit song was Kungurifik

TND Celebrity Desk: Kungurifik? It sounds like your place of origin. Why did you composed it and for what purpose was it sang

MR DEE: Aaaaaah [Deep chuckle]. I composed it to sell the name of my village and entire northern Uganda

TND Celebrity Desk: A number of local artistes have found it hard to penetrate musical industry, anybody you attribute your breakthrough to?

MR DEE: All musicians have been simple to me in all ways because I made myself simple to them too.

TND Celebrity Desk: What has music done for you since?

MR DEE: Music has done a lot for me. First, it has made me to meet friends/people whom in life I thought I wouldn’t meet.

Secondly, through music, I was able to acquire a studio which is known as TUFF BEAT RECORDZ. I got respect from all kind of people and also I was able to teach people with my music wherever I go to perform or when it’s played on air.

MR DEE and his fans wearing ‘Weekend by MR. DEE’

TND Celebrity Desk: Are you single or searching?

MR DEE: Oh God. I’m a married artist, a father. I and my lovely wife are blessed with one lovely baby.

TND Celebrity Desk: How old are you in the music industry and who that musician with inspiration and who mentored you, perhaps?

MR DEE: I joined music in 2007 and since then I have not turned back. It’s an interesting industry for me. Beni Man Mzee B has been there for me. Beni Man of 2Stars Entertainment and Lucky Bosmic Otim are two key persons in my music life.

TND Celebrity Desk: How do you see yourself (career) musically in five years? Was it easy to release your first hit song?

MR DEE: In five yrs time, I see myself amongst the 10 top artistes in northern Uganda and there isn’t anything that takes place successfully without challenges.

You look at the following as challenges:
1. Music itself is expensive especially if u r new in the system.
2. Lack of support in the beginning.
3. Financial s tability in pushing the songs and all good recording studios are very expensive.

TND Celebrity Desk: Your current hit songs?

MR DEE: Currently the songs which are doing good for me are Ibi para, Cem laga, My number one, Lapeny, Lapal cwinya, My baby, Papi obedo  papi and Ogwang.

I also have three to four brand new songs, namely; Akello sisi, My baby, Amari, Weekend, Your Name featuring Coco Finger and Facebook Love.

TND Celebrity Desk: Any upcoming schedule and what is it all about?

MR DEE: On a yet to be identified date, we are launching the hottest song, Facebook Love at Centenary park in Kampala. The similar event is also taking place in Dokolo, Apac and Lira towns and we have secured the venues.

TND Celebrity Desk: We live in modern time, how can your fans reach you?

MR DEE: My contacts are: 0779587193/0705523087

On Facebook:  Mrr Dee Ug
WhatsApp: +256705523087

TND Celebrity Desk: MR DEE, thanks for offering your time and for sharing with us your musical journey and thoughts. We wish you well in daily quest for the future.

MR DEE: Thank you TND News Uganda and your celebrity segment, TND Celebrity Desk for hosting me. It’s a big pleasure. Thank you.

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