Spiritual alarm as over 200 PAG Lira Christians denounce Bishop Joel Mukalo

Some of the PAG Lira Christians who crossed to PAG Uganda on Sunday denouncing Bishop Joel Mukalo.

For many years, some people had thought deserting an institution was basically for political interest and year in year out; we have witnessed political supporters crossing from one party to another.

While leaving a particular religious denomination for another has been taking place mutely, this time, it has come with an alarm. Read on.

On Sunday, 22, July 23, 2018 at Oringorwot village, Abunga parish in Amugu sub-county, excitement and grief touched Pentecostal Assembly of God Uganda [PAG Uganda] and Pentecostal Assembly of Uganda [PAG Lira] as over 200 Christians found new holy home in PAG Uganda.

Receiving the ‘lost sheep’, the General Superintendent of PAG Uganda, Rev. Simon Peter Emwiau says, “It’s our delight to have peaceful Christians but there are people with personal interest.”

Below, he says…

“I have been wondering and yearning to come here to Amugu. It’s our delight to have a peaceful Christians but there are people with personal interest. We shall not allow them and even the government of Uganda will not allow them to cause chaos by bringing in their personal interest to the Church

I want to appeal to the government not to allow people grab properties that belongs to the Church so that we can have peace. To the Christians, you must be peaceful. From day one I called some of my congregation and told them to stop fighting but to look up to God because I know he will not leave us, God will bless us.

If I wanted to be a fighter, I would have joined the army and become a General but I chose to be a servant of God; to preach peace and unity that I am here for today. When we are together, nothing will defeat us. I am here to stir you.

Children of Israel where in exile; God stirred them and they became stronger and today I am here to stir your heart and make you strong in faith and let’s stop backbiting, abusing or fighting each other because if we do so, we will be abusing the name of God. God is great; we should put him first in everything but let’s not use his name anyhow.

We make mistakes when we put God second in our life. Today I am happy, we looks good because we are together, we have started coming back together and that’s a true spirit of a Christian.

If what you are doing does not give honor to God, don’t do it and he will not judge you. Finally I think it’s time for all of us to come together as believers and we start honoring God.”

Rev. Simon Peter Emwia [holding microphone] with other PAG Uganda leaders on Sunday.
Bishop Joel Mukalo’s PAG Uganda leadership could not comment by press time on seeing over 200 Christians leave.

The spiritual fight between PAG Uganda and PAG Lira saw Christians supporting either side tortured and some left in critical state. Scores got injured and admitted to hospital and different health centers.

This fight started in 2013 after PAG Uganda accused the latter of not remitting percentage amassed from Sunday offertory to the Secretariat in Kampala and showing no proper accountability, among others.

Men and Women who crossed on Sunday.

It was also based on power struggle and properties’ [assets] ownership between Bishop Joel Mukalo and those in PAG Uganda.

In attempts to bring the saga on its knee and both religious parties finding everlasting peace, besides taking it to Courts of Law, government intervened.

Those who crossed where from four different assemblies like Omoro, Amugu, Angetta and Abako.

Reporting by Martin Ongom and Jackson Quest.

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