Farmers urged to grow cassava as million dollar plant in set-up in Nwoya  

Mr Kakel Praviin the managing director, Bukona Agro Processors Limited. Photo by Denis Otti.

Farmers in Nwoya district and Acholi sub-region in general have been urged to commercialize agriculture practices especially in cassava farming.

Mr Kakel Praviin who’s the managing director, Bukona Agro Processors Limited called on farmers on Saturday.

His company is putting up a distilling plant which is worth 5.6million Dollar at Lapem village, Koch Goma Sub-county in Nwoya district.

Addressing journalists on Saturday from his office at the factory, Kakel says the factory which is due to be completed in one month’s time is going to use cassava and maize as raw materials for making glue, among other products.

He added that since this factory has no enough land to establish farms in the area, the factory will rely on the cassava from out growers.

Kakel also adds that the factory will require about 70 tones of cassava a day and 2,000 tones monthly.

“The factory will buy both the fresh and the dry cassava. Fresh cassava will be bought at shs.180, 000 per ton and dry at shs.780, 000 per ton,” he reveals, appealing to farmers to engage in growing cassava as market is ready.

Onen Peter, a resident of Lapem implored fellow resident to utilize the opportunity and put into proper use the vast land they have which he says are redundant with no farming activities carried on.

He also said that the establishment of the factory is going to help in addressing the rampant idleness and level of unemployment among the youth and local in the sub-region as they will be employed to work in the factory.

Mr Okello Alfred, the district production officer in Nwoya district called upon youth to take up the opportunity and engage in to growing cassava.

“The district will make sure that this factory buy raw material at the right price so that the farming rights of the local [farmers] are protected,” Okello assures. 

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