High Court acquits two suspects of aggravated robbery

Lira High Court has dismissed and acquitted two people charged with aggravated robbery following an order from the Director of Public Prosecution.

Angulu Jimmy and Egwea Solomon were jointly accused of robbing a motorcycle of registration number UEB 057W from Okoo James.

It was alleged that on 21, July 2014 at Bunga-abunga village in Kole district, one Opio Isaac, now deceased and Angulu Jimmy escaped from prison, stopped Okoo James and asked him to take them to Linda primary school. The trio agreed at a transport fee of shs.6, 000

However, when they reached the gate of the above school, Angulu asked Okoo to ride further.

On reaching a swampy area, they asked Okoo to stop from where they hit his head with a hammer several times before fleeing with his motorcycle, leaving him in a pool of blood.

After, Angulu and Opio escaped toward Lira town with the motorcycle which was later recovered from one, Omonya Emma who claimed that he bought it from Egwea Solomon.

When the case file was sent to the DPP for advise, a letter dated 9, July 2018 was written instructing the presiding judge to dismiss the case due to lack of evidence.

It further instructed the Judge that the motorcycle in question be handed back to the complainant.

“Upon the said closure of the case, I therefore discharge the accused and set them free and the motorcycle Bajaj registration number UEB 057W in question should be handed back to the complainant in the names of Okoo James,” Lira High Court Judge, Justice Ajiji ruled.

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