Day three: Over 200 Apaa land evicted locals gather at UN offices

Some of the huts destroyed before evicting locals from Apaa village recently. COURTESY PHOTO.

THE recently evicted residents of Mungula parish in Adjumani district are in their third day of refuge at the United Nations offices in Gulu town.

The victims are comprised of adults, school going age children and breastfeeding children.

The adults are protesting decision of eviction which they say was brutal and done in bad faith by government through Uganda Wild Life Authority [UWA] enforcement officers, UPDF and Uganda Police.

Many huts were reported to have been vandalized, food gardens destroyed, torture, among others.

In a closed door meeting Friday with the security organs which comprised of the UPDF, Police and UWA and the leaders of Amuru district, leaders demanded for immediate halt into all activities against locals.

It was also requested that soldiers withdraw from the area, stops looting, demolition of properties and roadblocks.

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Another request was that security agents monitoring the area prevent people of Adjumani entering the contested and amid eviction.

“If these conditions are not met soon, we are not leaving UN offices and to be here until further notice,” a victim, one of the victims’ leaders who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity vowed.

He added: “The remaining population still in Apaa is due to join us here as they are left with nothing to eat, no shelter.”

Akol Anthony, the Kilak North Member of Parliament confirmed the high level meeting with the security organs, cautioning those people behind the eviction to respect both the President and Parliament directives to stop any eviction until the matter is solved by Court.

According to Akol, others have started footing to join their colleagues at the UN offices in Gulu in protest.

“I appealed for immediate intervention from the government as to solve this matter and to avoid further bloodbath,” MP Akol says.

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