Spiritual pilgrimage: Christians celebrate mass on top of Ngetta hill

Pilgrims stand at the foot of Ngetta Hill last Sunday. PHOTO BY IMMACULATE AMONY.

A total of 67 Christians from Lira Diocese on Sunday had a pilgrimage to Ngetta hill, from where they prayed from.

Of the number, 39 were catechists from Ngetta Catechatical Pastoral Centre [CPC], 25 were postulates from the Convent of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church, 2 tutors, a formator and the Director of Ngetta CPC, Rev. Fr. Cosmos Diaco.

During his homily, Rev. Fr Cosmos Diaco said the pilgrimage to the top of the hill should be connected to suffering of Jesus Christ on Mt Calvary.

“I want to connect the meaning of our being here with the mass, celebration of the mass. I have already said at the beginning that the priests who celebrate the mass climb a little mountain to leave the floor and to come in a way closer to God because what is happening is something beyond,” CPC Director, Rev. Fr Cosmos Diaco preached.

Sr Lillian Opelila, from the Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church and the formator of the postolence of missionary sisters expressed her happiness saying, “it is not just an ordinary outing but a spiritual walk.”

“This is my second time to climb this hill. It is not very easy but I’m happy that I have been able to make it by the grace of God. For me, it’s not just a matter of climbing or it is just an ordinary outing but it is really something very spiritual and when I see or experience tiredness, I just really feel happy because I know the hand of God is there,” Sr Opelila reveals.

On the others hand, Micheal Jolly Ebul one of the tutors from Ngetta Catechatical Pastoral Centre explained that the visit to Ngetta hill was a pilgrimage not a tour, adding that: “While on the mountain, they meditated and enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation.”

Some took few minutes to have a break at the foot of the hill. ALL PHOTOS BY IMMACULATE AMONY.

“We survey the place and in the process of surveying and looking at the beauty of creation of God, we meditate on the power and The Mighty of God. This for us it’s not a tour but rather pilgrimage because when we come….on the way coming to the hill we say the Rosary, we say many prayers while singing songs of the Church so this makes it not to be only a tour but pilgrimage,” he added.

The Got Ngetta Hill located in Ngetta zone, 10km from Lira town is a magnificent solid dark rock standing at about 4,500ft above sea level.

Previously, a number of people including Dorcus Inzikuru, the famous athlete toured Ngetta hill for various reasons most importantly for tourism and leisure.

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