Young Catholic students urged to persevere for success

Bishop of Lira Diocese, Bishop Joseph Franzelli addressing youth on Saturday at Ordination Ground, Lira town.

The Catholic youth under their umbrella association, Young Catholics Students Association (YCS) have been advised to perceivere in all ways if they must be successful in life.

Innocent Odongo, the YCS coordinator in Africa made the request on Saturday at the Uganda Martyrs Cathedral ordination ground in Lira town where thousands of youth had gathered to mark their annual celebration.

Under the theme: “The Youth, the Faith and vocational Discernment”, this year’s event was aimed at bringing students together and discussing matters that affect their lives.

Innocent Odongo [in court] with some youth.
The ceremony was led by Rt. Rev. Joseph Franzelli, the Bishop of Lira Diocese.

“For us to achieve something in life, the one thing that we need that has kept me going and I want to share with you guys is perseverance and consistence. If you make a choice, stick to it, always work towards it because so many things come your way but if you are persistent and consistent, you will make it,” Odongo taught fellow youth.

Talking about the theme for this year´s celebration, Fr Poly-cap Opio, the Diocesan Chaplin said the theme was borrowed from the youth Synod set for November this year: “Discernment is the ability to decide between truth and error, right from wrong and for any vocation to be meaningful and successful, one must discern it with the light of breath and guidance from those well versed with it.”

He also says vocation is not only priesthood but rather all walks of life.

“Vocation most times is misunderstood to mean religious or priestly life alone. This is limiting vocation. All walks of life are vocations which are meant to benefit the one being called and to help God expand his kingdom here on earth although no one can force vocation on his or herself,” Diocesan Chaplain teaches.

The Man of God also highlighted some challenges and opportunities such as formation of personality, relationship with other people and relationship with technology, citing social media platform as a major one.

According to Bishop Franzelli, in order to succeed in life, students under their various clubs and movements should put their attention into Jesus so as to overcome challenges in their lives.

He also challenged the students to refrain from getting contaminated with evils that creates enmity between them and God.

“Calling Jesus really everyday is not easy but it gives you joy eventually but trying to compromise; one day yes I go for prayers but next time uh there is a dance there so I go the other side…compromising a bit left, a bit right will lead you nowhere and you will not really be happy in your life,” Bishop counseled.

While reflecting on the call made by His Holiness Pope Francis, the Bishop reiterated the need for the students to become Missionary Disciples to the poor and the needy so as to extend renewal into their lives.

He appealed to teachers and parents to live exemplary life to their students/children for them to become good citizens with strong moral integrity in the future.

About the Golden Jubilee, the Bishop reminded the students to use the occasion to prepare themselves for the Golden Jubilee celebrations that calls for the renewal of hearts among the family of God in Lira Diocese.

The Head of the Catholic faithful in Lira Diocese further stressed that there is need for the renewed hearts, unity and reconciliation to be embraced by the entire Christian family in a bid for the Golden Jubilee to be successful.

As part of the annual festivity, a number of young Christian students from various schools were enrolled in to the YCS Movement in a rite presided over by the Lord Bishop.

The celebration attracted thousands of students from schools, among them Comboni College, Dr. Obote College, Apac High School, Sr. Gabrielle Girls SS, St. Katherine Girls SS, including Mentor SS and Leo Atubo College, among others.

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