News in brief: Olanya tells locals to demarcate their land

Namisidwa district LC5 Chairperson, George William Wopuwa.

Namisidwa people urged to back NRM LC 1 flag bearers

By Amusugut Judith

Namisidwa- George William Wopuwa, the LC5 boss for Namisidwa district has urged people across the district to support only NRM flag bearers for LC.

According to Wopuwa, doing so is the only way of strengthening the NRM party.

Wopuwa revealed this while addressing LC1 flag bearers on Thursday in the Sub-counties of Bubutu, Namboko, Magale, and Bumoni.

He, however, noted that Namisidwa district is now old enough with many developments in terms of service delivery.

Some residents asked government to reduce on water bills and also extend more water lines nearer to them.

MP Olanya to locals: Demarcate your land

By Denis Otti

Amuru-Acholi natives have been urged to take up land demarcation and planting of mark stone as a mechanism of reducing and preventing the rampant land grabbing within the sub-region.

Gilbert Olanya, the Kilak South Member of Parliament announced this at the weekend while addressing residents of Olwal and Keyo trading center, Lamogi Sub-county in Amuru district during a meeting with them.

Olanya says Olwal forest reserve is surrounded by about 15,000 households and that the land is being leased by National Forest Authority for tree planting.

“It has become so easy for the land grabber to grab land in this region as most of this vast land is without land titles which protect the land from grabbers. It also helps to reduce land conflicts as boundaries are clearly stated,” Olanya told locals.

The Legislator appealed to nonprofit organization, especially those dealing in conflict management and land to help the poor community acquire land title. According to him, possessing land title is one way of avoiding bloodshed in Acholi susb-region.

A resident, Tobias Charles of Olwal trading center says the community of Amuru can’t afford land demarcation and planting of mark-stone, calling it very expensive.

Recently, National Forest Authority leased about 6200 hector of land in Olwal and Keyo sub-counties to 40 people who had applied to use it for 50years.

Olanya also says NFA own no land in the two sub-counties.

Credit to Reporters, Amusugat Judith and Denis Otti

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