RDC vows to evict locals, demolish their shelters on government land

Robert Abak (standing) closing a meeting in Lira town last year. INTERNET PHOTO.

The Lira Resident District Commissioner has vowed to intervene, bringing to an end the land disputes between squatters and Lira Regional Referral Hospital.

Mr Robert Abak says he would also demolish all shelters belonging to illegal tenants.

On Tuesday, RDC Abak was responding to a request made by the Hospital Director, Dr. Benard Odur who asked government to find a solution to the current land wrangle.

“The hospital land is now inaccessible due to land wrangle with some squatters,” Odur says Tuesday after the launch of new hospital staff hostel construction.

“You have just seen where we are going to squeeze that house and yet this hospital has got such a considerable piece of land. A better environment for our staff accommodation but now we are forced to squeeze it there. Even the first staff quarter was constructed in a squeezed space,” Odur added.

He emphasized that the issue needs immediate address lest the hospital will have no land completely for any further development.

He added: “Am bringing it up as an emphasis that if the issue of land continue like this then we shall have no enough land for our staff, we need land for future development of the hospital itself.”

The hospital management says there is no land to build special departments like Cancer Institute and yet cancer patients visit hospital.

Abak responded by saying the hospital land issue will be legally solved sooner than later, adding that government has the money for the development of the area.

“I have other issues but I will give a priority to this hospital land and the Civil Aviation Authority land and we want to save both and those occupying it must go,” he vowed.

As per the 2014 national census, Lira Regional Referral Hospital serves a population of 408,043 from Lira district with only 346 beds.

The hospital offers both general and specialized services and is a teaching hospital. The hospital serves the entire Lango sub-region which comprises of Lira, Oyam, Amolatar, Otuke, Kole, Alebtong, Dokolo and Apac districts.

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