District burns 500 cartons of impounded sachet waragi

Early this year Nwoya district authorities today set on fire cartons of sachet waragi. FILE/PHOTO BY DENIS OTTI.

By Denis Otti

Nwoya district on Tuesday set on fire about 500 cartons of impounded sachet waragi after an ordinance was passed late May this year.

After the ordinance was passed, an ultimatum of two weeks was given to consumers and dealers to dispose it off.

After many [dealers] defied, the district launched an operation in all the seven sub-counties which lasted for two weeks.

Okello Patrick Oryema, the Nwoya district chairperson led the team in Tuesday operation where sachets waragi was set on fire.

“This ordinance will completely reduce the high rate of alcohol consumption among the youth and elders due to its low prices in the market,” Oryema told our reporter.

He added that should anyone deviate from this ordinance after today’s activity, he or she will be prosecuted before the Courts of Law.

“As district, we are only going to allow waragi packed in 250m and above,” the district chairperson added.

Ojok David, a resident of Nyamokino parish in Lungulu Sub-county, Nwoya district welcomed the ordinance to block sachet waragi which he says ‘was totally in circulation in most of the villages in the district’.

He also added that due to high rate and level of alcohol consumption, it has greatly reduced youth energy to engage in productive activities.

Ocen Walter, a resident of Anaka Town Council condemned the district action of burning sachet waragi claiming the duration given to business community was too short which led to business shortfall.

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