Clan whose son’s anus was smeared with 2kg of red pepper powder to hold demo against RDC, RSA, GISO

Ogwang David [R] with Railway Division LC3 Chairperson Marvin-Kawere.

At least 5,000 people, majority from Lira clan are set to hold a peaceful demonstration in Lira town this month.

The planned demo, pending authorization by Lira DPC, is against Lira Resident District Commissioner [RDC] Robert Abak, Resident State Attorney [RSA] Gloria Akello and Railway Division Gombolola Intelligence Security Officer [GISO], Were Muhammad.

The trio who are imperative person in the community are accused by Lira clan head, Haji Musa Odongo Ayo of abuse of office, among other allegations.

In his letter dated 26 June, 2018 and addressed to Lira District Police Commander [DPC] titled ‘Notice to conduct a peaceful demonstration’, Ayo and Lira clan youth leader, Charles Opio Olol wrote….

“In exercise of our right guaranteed by Constitution of Uganda and incompliance with the provision of Public Management Act, the leadership of Lira clan headed by Awitong [clan head] Haji Musa Odongo Ayo duly notifies you of a peaceful demonstration on 11 July, 2018.

The grounds for demonstration are;

  • The inhuman, brutal and torture abuse of son of Lira clan, Ogwang David aged 17 by TipTop managers Subash, Sing and Ogal Keith who forced 2kg of redpepper powder into his anus causing him serious medical complication.
  • Abuse of office, mismanagement and conspiracy to defeat justice of the file L/CRB 1829/2018 and L/MCB 126/2018 by Mr. Abak Robert RDC Lira, Ms. Gloria Akello RSA Lira, Mr. Were Muhammad, GISO Railway Division.
  • Welcome and appreciate the good heart Indians/Asians have shown to Lira clan members.

The protest shall start at 9:00am from the District Labor Office to TipTop Bakery and shall involve all Lira clan members, Lira in-laws, friends and relatives of Lira people.

A letter to DPC seeking for permission to hold demo against RDC, RSA and GISO.

In total, there shall be 5,000 people and we look forward to your service to ensure security during this demonstration,” letter to Lira DPC seeking permission to hold a demo reads.

Asked whether police will allow the demo to go on, David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga regional police spokesperson said: “I’m aware of that case. If it [the letter] has been copied to the region [RPC], I will find out tomorrow [Monday] and make a better comment.”

On the 5 May, 2018, TipTop Bakery bosses, Subash and Sing reportedly beat up Ogwang David who they had employed alleging that he had stolen 1kg bread.

After the accused pleaded not guilty to the theft claim, the Indian investors allegedly smeared his anus with redpepper powder and dismissed him from work.

The case was reported to Railway Police Outpost in Railway Division, Lira Municipality and recorded vide SD REF 04/14/05/2018 as investigation continues.

After, the accused torturers agreed to settle the case affably at shs.2m.

In an agreement TND News Desk has got a copy, on May 15, out of agreed shs.2m, Ogwang was given shs.1.5m from Railway Police Outpost and told to wait for the balance after one month.

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