Catholic Christians urged to consider taking leadership mantle

Vincent Innocent Oling (with grey hair from right) during the dialogue on Tuesday. PHOTO BY IMMACULATE AMONY.

The catholic communities have been advised not to shy away in quest to take up leadership position at any level

The advice was made by Vincent Innocent Oling, an opinion leader during a community dialogue at Aduku Catholic Parish, Apac Municipality on Tuesday.

The dialogue organized by Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) of Lira Diocese was aimed at generating better ways of developing Aduku parish basing on the current achievements and the challenges affecting its development.

Mr. Oling explained that leaders at all level are responsible for their areas of jurisdiction and thus it’s their mandate to develop it.

“I know God has chosen you for your good because the people of Aduku want the best. So if you are chosen for your good or you are a leader because you are good, in your house as a man, in your house as a woman or at any level, lets you leadership be for the good of the people you are leading and your work to improve the life in a better way than we have found it,” Oling said.

He however cautioned that they [leaders] should not be insatiable and corrupt during their leadership period.

“You as a leader, as a Catholic and as a Christian, don’t just carry you religion saying you are a Catholic yet you are extremely bad with little faith and in government you are corrupt number one and if they make a mistake to appoint you a minister and you join  them in doing bad things. If you are elected as a politician, know that you are taking Jesus Christ along with you…do not shame us,” he told hundreds of Catholic believers on Tuesday.

Catholic believers at the JPC’s dialogue at Aduku parish, Apac Municipality on Tuesday.

Fred Midy Oluka, the coordinator Lay Apostolate for Lira Diocese says Church leadership is very important and so Christians should take it seriously.

Basil Odongo, a staff of Loro Core Primary Teachers’ College (PTC) blamed the current poor and weak education background in Uganda as a reason to poor leadership qualities we have now.

Anjilo Obang Lilly the Head Catechist of Aduku Catholic parish applauded Justice and Peace Commission for organizing such a meeting which she says is shaping the focus of the communities.

“I would like to appreciate the organizers of this gathering because the topic itself was so relevant to us that it made the community who sat for this gathering to rethink again about the development of Aduku Catholic parish: What they should do in future, the areas that they should improve upon and the areas that is already done but still needs improvement,” Ms. Obang stated.

However, a number of challenges like petty theft, alcoholism, poor education and corruption were listed as things affecting the development of the parish.

The dialogue which was attended by cultural, political, religious and opinion leaders and civil servants among others was the first of its kind in Lira Diocese.

But there is hope that it will be rolled out to other parishes within the eight districts that form Lango Sub region.

As per 2014 Housing and Population Census, Roman Catholic Church had the largest number of devotees which stood at 39.3 percent of the total population. It was followed by Anglican Church, with 32 percent.

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