Lira Public Library wins Best Outstanding Performance Award 2018

Besides lacking 'a lot', Lira Public Library was recognized.

The chairperson Lira District Service Commission (DSC) Mr. Otyek Moses Cyprian has challenged Lira Municipal Council authorities to consider providing more funds to Lira Public Library in order to transform it into a modern library.

Otyek says despite being awarded the Best Outstanding Performance Award 2018 in Uganda, the archives centre lacks up to date documents.

The DSC chairperson also noted that the library in its current state is not up to standard, stating that there is need to re-stock.

He gave the urge on Friday as the chief guest at the closure of the National Book Week Festival at Lira Municipal Council Hall.

“Utilize the library facilities to carry out research in order to improve on the quality of debate as you will be speaking from an informed point of view,” Otyek, an academician told local politicians.

“We have seen the importance of the library in improving literacy. Now what is the way forward? I want to start with the municipality. There is a big library here which is called public library. I entered that library this morning for the first time but have seen the library is not very adequate with research materials and books, reading materials and computers. If we are to enhance literacy through library in the municipality, I think there is a big challenge for the municipal to ensure that the library becomes a real library because to me it is something near to a library,” Mr. Otyek said what he saw.

“I appeal to you to consider allocating more funds for the library growth.”

He also asked schools in Lira municipality and district to have good libraries so that both learners and teachers are well equipped with what they revise every day.

“Each school should endeavor to ensure that the library is reasonably well stocked with relevant materials,” he counseled

Ms. Florence Ongina, the deputy head teacher Lango College, however, applauded the municipal for their initiative in promoting literacy among learners and general public.

Ongina encouraged learners to change their attitudes and quickly adapt a good reading and understanding culture.

“It is all about attitude and if a learner doesn’t put it in his or her head that he must read, they will never read,” she noted.

Lira Municipal Secretary for Finance, Walter Opota encouraged people to utilize library services to learn new knowledge.

Opota applauded the girls (students) from St. Katherine SS for show-casing great skills on how to preserve food.

“Here now we are literate. We didn´t know what these ones were doing. You pretend that you know how to cook food but you don’t know how to preserve it- it gets spoilt the following day. It´s about learning so- we should accept to use the library well as we grow and not only the elders but the young kids as well,” Opota emphasized.

The National Book Week Festival is an annual event and this year was hosted by Lira district. It commenced on Monday with a number of activities including exhibitions, reading competition and outreach.

St. Katherine Girls’ SS in Lira got Best Exhibitors’ Award.

St. Katherine Girls’ secondary school in Lira was awarded best exhibitors.

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