Police ready to implement President’s top 10 security decrees

Clock Tower Taxi Park Vice Chairman Mr. Hiire Zed exchanging with officers over relocating the Ggaba taxis to USAFI Taxi Park recently. PHOTO CREDIT RACHEL MABALA/KFM 93.3

The Deputy Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango has assured the general public that the Uganda Police Force (UPF) is ready to implement the 10 point decree issued by President Museveni to guarantee the security of persons and properties in the country.

Addressing Journalists on Friday afternoon from North Kyoga regional Police Headquarters, Erute, Lira district, Superintendent of Police (SP) Patrick Onyango says it is within UPF mandate to ensure peace and security of persons and its properties in the Country.

Responding to the directives by President Museveni on matters of security, Patrick Onyango said the Uganda Police will strictly follow and implement the directives which to Police remain unquestionable.

“When the President was making that speech, I was on my way to upcountry so I have not sat down to critically look at it but I know since the President has already given the directives and for us who’re under his command, whatever he has lined out or given as guidelines we are going to follow it to the dot. Be assured that we are going to implement whatever he has said without questions,” Onyango added.

Despite recent kidnaps and killings in the country, Onyango further assured the public that the Police are tirelessly working to counteract the increasing rate of crimes.

“The insurgencies in the country and her neighboring countries are some of the reason to blame for rampant possession of guns by unauthorized members of the public,” he reveals.

He added: “You are aware that in northern Uganda there was war and since there was war, some people acquired these guns illegally. There are those who returned back these guns, there are those who remained with it. You remember that we have had regime change- there are some security operatives who after the regime changed, they feared to take back their guns or refused totally to take back the guns. In South Sudan, there is war going on and our borders are porous- people can sneak in with guns and basing on those historical facts, I cannot tell you that there are guns in the wrong hands,” Onyango explains why there is high rate of crimes in Uganda.

Onyango said the directive of the President is in line with the thinking of his boss, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Martin Okoth Ochola who has instructed the Police to ensure that all the guns in private hands are put under scrutiny.

He also appealed to the general Public to continuously cooperate with police, saying that security issues are the responsibility of the general public.

Patrick Onyango says and re-assured the general public that the reinstated Police Flying Squad unit directly falls under the Directorate of the Inspector General of Police.

Responding to some claims that some senior police officers in Lira (North Kyoga region) are conniving with criminals, the North Kyoga regional Police Commander, John Peter Ematu asked the general public to use the available channels at police to report such crimes.

John says police, just like human beings make mistakes, adding that such offenders need to be singled out.

“Yes we are human beings; some can make mistakes but it´s very unfortunate to say senior officers. If there is a one why don´t you single out that one and say it is so and so, so that we as supervisors take him head on…. but you keep quiet and keep murmuring. I believe most of the suspects who were suspected to be collaborating with security agencies have been arrested and they are inside and that´s why you are enjoying the peace in Lango,” John Peter Ematu added.

Museveni’s top 10 security measures

Addressing nation through Parliament on security situation in the country on Wednesday, President Museveni listed 10 security measures to be employed to fight criminality in the country.

Below they are from number 10 to 1.

10: Museveni says the army has the capacity to guarantee the security of Uganda.

9: Scanners to cover all containers coming into the country, all borders, all landing sites and the airport will be deployed.

8: Museveni said government will locate identity of all users of social media. “Why should you hide your identity? I don’t want to block because our grand children are using them. When you have a jigger you don’t go for the foot.” Museveni said.

7: Only 30 drones have been granted licences to enhance security. 500 others have been impounded for trying to enter the country illegally. Museveni said government has the technical ability to disable unlicensed drones.

6: Speed of response. Museveni says he has instructed the police to revive the 999, and Flying Squad. This time Flying Squad will be equipped with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones. The Flying Squad shouldn’t be crawling in traffic jam, he said.

5: Modern forensic laboratory. Museveni says he thought the national ID registration process would help solve this problem only to be told that only thumb prints and not the palm prints were captured. We need to capture palm prints and DNA of every Uganda he said.

4: Optical security. Museveni says security cameras with thermal sensors to capture the body temperature will be installed. Also, he said he doesn’t want to lose a lot of foreign exchange, so helmets, electronic number plates, TVs, mobile phones, radios shall be locally manufactured in Uganda.

3: Jacket hoodies banned. Police has already banned wearing of the jacket hoodies. If the police finds you wearing one, they can challenge you (to explain yourself), said Museveni.

2: Electronic number plates installed at owners cost. Electronically tracked vehicles will help track which vehicle was in the area at the time a crime was committed. The central system will even be alerted if someone attempts to remove the number plate, said Museveni. The current number plates are a joke, Museveni said.

1: Gun finger printing. Museveni said all guns in the country will be finger printed because police has that capacity. With finger printed guns, police can then know which gun was used to commit crime. Museveni also said security must sensitize the public about the dangers of tampering with scenes of crime. Also security advised to pick on clues that are there before or after a crime.

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