Government to unveil 570 million euro project for greater northern Uganda

Minister Grace Freedom (3rd from left) at the launch of AYINET new project in Lira on Monday. PHOTO BY IMMACULATE AMONY.

Government of Uganda is set to launch a new project for greater northern Uganda in the coming financial year of 2018-2019.

The 570 million euro project, about Uganda shs.2, 549,108,496,900 Trillion is going to be implemented under Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU)

Northern Uganda Minister, Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny revealed the imminent development on Monday at Margarita hotel in Lira town.

She was the Chief Guest at the launch of Rehabilitation Project for Communities and Victims of war for effective Recovery, a project to be implemented by African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET), an NGO operating in north-eastern Uganda.

The shs.47 billion projects are funded by Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), will directly benefit war victims through medical and psychosocial rehabilitation in over ten districts.

Minister Kwiyucwiny says everybody in northern Uganda has been affected by war in one way or another and it’s why government had in the past given many projects for the rehabilitation of the region.

“Government is giving money and a lot of money that we don’t have to ask for more. Another program has just been launched- DINU- Development Initiative for Northern Uganda which is coming. In July, we are going to move to every sub region in the north to launch it because I know you will say you don’t know about it and it’s true you don’t know and that’s why we are coming to give you information on how it works so that you can benefit,” Minister Freedom said.

She told leaders from northern Uganda districts that the money is already there.

“Sometimes even my colleague ministers say northern Uganda has a lot of money. Now let us use it well so that it leaves an impact,” Kwiyucwiny stated.

Kweyocwiny advised other NGOs and local leaders to address specific problems other than moving around and blaming government for what can be done by them.

“We should learn to address specific problems because we have to address the real issue and because we want tangible things. I want people to come out of poverty; I want people to get the benefit of this government. Some of these NGOs use these victims for their own gains but I want you Victor (meaning AYINET Executive Director Victor Ocen) through your organization to submit a project concept,” she added.

Victor Ocen, AYINET founder and executive Director promised to write project concept as suggested by the minister.

“With what the minister has said here today, we should not allow dust to settle. I will incorporate it with ideas and yes the war wound must heal, it must heal now and forever,” Ocen vowed.

Santos Labeja an activist from Civil Society Organization (CSO) wondered why government cannot have an Affirmative Action Funds for the categories of people affected by wars.

“Here is a traumatized person but government is still insisting that they form groups and yet while in groups, they get more traumatized. As CSOs, we have been asking why there can’t be Affirmative Action Funds for these special categories of people in our community,” Labeja asked Minister Kweyocwiny.

Robert Abak, the outgoing Lira Resident District Commissioner said AYINET is only complimenting government work unlike other NGOs know for fighting government.

“Hon Minister, I want to thank AYINET; this is the only NGO targeting war victims and as an RDC my work is to monitor and I am very satisfied with the work of AYINET,” Abak told Minister.


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