Lira Urban Transporters SACCO wants shs.500million from government

Front row, Minister Naduli (R) and outgoing Lira RDC Robert Abak (L) with SACCO members and bosses last month.

Administrators of Lira Urban Transporters SACCO Limited has requested government to boost up their SACCO with financial support.

The SACCO’s members are comprised of drivers, conductors, taxi tout, vendors, stage managers, bus managers all operating in Lira Bus Park. The SACCO offers saving and credit services to its members.

Registered on August 30, 2017, it has 452 registered members with shs.24, 000,000 accrued from members’ registration and shares bought from September, 2017 to February, 2018.

According to SACCO officials, of the shs.24m, shs.18 million was borrowed by members to boost up their businesses with repayment interest of 10%.

Presenting their official request to government through Al Haji Abdul Naduli, Minister Without Portfolio during his visit to Lira on the 11 May, 2018, SACCO leaders asked for financial support to help them buy 10 taxis (Kigege model).

“We request that government facilitate our SACCO with funds to invest in assets like vans to boost our revenue,” Ovon Denis Mark, one of the Board Members said then.

They also asked for inclusion to benefit from government program like Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), among others.

Addressing traders from Lira Municipal Council hall, Minister Naduli pledged to deliver their request to the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Finance Ministry and President Museveni.

“Be hopeful you will get millions of money coming into your SACCO. It will depend on how you will use it,” joyous speaking Naduli said.

Minister Al Haji Abdul Naduli addressing traders in Lira last month.

Whereas the Minister said the money would be delivered within a ‘short time’, group executives are concerned it’s ‘taking’ long for the promise to bear fruits.

In an interview with TND News on Saturday morning, Nyeko Benard Masanga, publicity secretary said the outgoing Lira RDC, Robert Abak who’s coordinating them has reminded President Museveni on their request.

Masanga said they plan to purchase 10 brand new Kigege taxis each worth shs.52m. He added that they will meet the President in his next visit to Lango Sub region.

“For now we have requested financial support for 10 Kigege taxis but if the President can add like twenty more, we shall welcome the offer,” he added.

It’s expected to cost government shs.520, 000,000 million.

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