Newly appointed Lira RDC Mwaka speaks out from the United States

Mwaka Emmanuel (R) with TND News Uganda Chief Executive Officer, Milton Akwam last year.

Few hours after State House announced list of newly appointed Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) and their deputies, one of the unexpected appointees has spoken.

Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukumoi who currently lives in the United States of America (USA), spoke on being appointed and taken back to Lira district as full RDC by President Muiseveni.

Mwaka spoke to TND News from The U.S and below are his words (unedited).

“I can confirm H.E YKM, has just appointed me as RDC! What a Friday!  Thanks to the people of Lira,  you cried for my departure,  cherish that day , the over 50 vehicles escorting your departing RDC and causing jam in Kitgum, you never called me deputy, but “my RDC” our RDC yet I was deputy acting…I cried for you,  I  remember the media killed goats and celebrated with a certificate of integrity!  Fighting corruption.  Whatever happened? Heaven’s knows but hell doubts!”

“Yes, we improved security and service delivery, we fought corruption through District integrity promotion forum …I went to all 751 villages….13 sub counties. ..I sang with you ‘Lira Waa, cried at funeral, buried with you, you loved me. Even doing work on boda boda you didn’t undermine me… Lira waa made Lira clean. ..Oh Kiti Na too…”

“My eyes are wet for you Lira, I love you…It’s a hard decision I will communicate soon regarding appointment to my beloved home.”

In 2016, Mwaka Lutukumoi was transferred to Kitgum from Lira as deputy RDC, a position he held while in Lira, deputizing Hon. George Odongo, the current EALA MP representing Uganda.

During his time in Lira, he was also the acting Lira RDC.

Hardly a year in Kitgum as deputy RDC, Mwaka resigned his job and left for United States of America where he resides currently.

After quitting Democratic Party (DP) at a position of National Spokesperson in 2011 to join NRM party, he integrated himself very fast into NRM system. While in Lira, Mwaka and Hon. Odongo George were voted best RDCs in Uganda.

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