Former deputy IGP Odwe speaks out on Gen. Kayihura’s arrest

Jesus told those who believe in him that- get prepared

Former Deputy IGP, Julius Peter Ocur Odwe.

“The arrest of former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura who was once a powerful citizen in Uganda and second to President Museveni in terms of decision making, perhaps, should be a big lesson to other government workers.”

Julius Peter Ocur Odwe who worked with Gen. Kale Kayihura as his deputy says it was very difficult to deal with Kale.

Speaking to TND News reporter on Friday morning, Odwe said: It’s (was) very difficult to deal with Gen. Kayihura. I worked with him as his deputy for many years but never at any one moment did he listened to my advice.”

According to Odwe, the arrest of former IGP Kayihura won’t clean up the current Police Force unless they adhere to their pro people mandate.

“Jesus told those who believe in him that- get prepared. I will come for you and whoever fail shall be hunted,” Odwe preached, adding that, “I have been advising Kale on how to handle State affairs.”

“It’s by Gods’ Will that Kayihura was arrested because he had failed to get prepared for life ahead of him.”

In detention: Former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura.

Odwe reveals that his former boss annoyed him further when ‘he arrested’ and allowed Kamwenge Mayor, Geoffrey Byamukama to be arrested and tortured while in detention.

Odwe noted that many people had complained on how Kayihura was handling Ugandans, killing them, and later on destroying evidences, supposing that Kayihura’s arrest is connected to those.

Asked on how a good leader should be, Odwe said: “Leadership is all about devotion and people who are in offices should behave well knowing anytime they will sign out and be powerless.”

“Since he joined Police Force in 2005, Kayihura has been acting outside the Constitution. I told him several times but no change-now that he is arrested, he will learn to work in faith when he gets another opportunity in government,” Odwe explained.

On Abiriga’s assassination

“Even if all MPs are given gun; every households sign for gun, there won’t be peace in Uganda,” Odwe said, adding that: “Abiriga worked hard for himself and his party but there were those against him.”

For true democracy to prevail in Uganda, Odwe says people (those in power) must be honest and serve people diligently.

Who’s Odwe?

Odwe Julius Peter joined Uganda Police Force (UPF) in 1981 as a police cadet after completing his Bachelor of Science in Forestry Degree from Makerere University.

On the 13 July 2011, Odwe resigned from Police service at the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP). At the time of his retirement, he was Kayihura’s deputy.

His predecessor in 2011as Deputy IGP is the current IGP, Martin Okoth Ochola.



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