Ramadan: UAE Donates to Lira Muslims, Christians

Amb. Abdallah Altakkawi hands a gift to a beneficiary on Sunday.

Muslims and Christians combined on Sunday smiled on their ways back home after receiving donations of  food items from the Embassy of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The special Ramadan package was delivered by His Excellency Abdullah Altakkawi, the High Commissioner for the government of the United Arab Emirates in Uganda.

H.E Altakkawi was accompanied by his friend, the Director General for External Security Organization (ES0) Ambassador Joseph Ocwet.

The items that include a kilogram of sugar, five kilograms of posho, beans, rice and a litter of cooking oil, were handed out to 120 needy Muslims and 80 Christians both male and female.

The beneficiaries were randomly identified from within Lira district by the Imam of Lira Primary school Mosque, Sheikh Yusuf Balinda.

Altakkawa Abdallah (R), ESO boss Ocwet (M) and Yusuf Balinda on Sunday in Lira town.

Speaking to the beneficiaries, ESO boss Ambassador Joseph Ocwet said he met Abdullah Altakkawi Mohammed in the city of Abu Dhabi, the headquarters of the United Arab Emirates from where he made an appeal for charity back home.

“I and H.E Abdullah have been great friends for a long time; he once asked me if there was something he could do for my needy people and I am glad today he is here with these items,” Ambassador Ocwet told the beneficiaries at Lira P.7 on Sunday.

The ESO boss says he decided to begin with Muslims because they are currently in their holy month of Ramadan and some Christians.

Ocwet pledged to link up with the Saudi Arabia Embassy to ensure they reach out and help the communities in Lango sub region.

Lira Resident District Commissioner Robert Abak, in his welcome remarks to Saudi High Commissioner, commended the strong ties between Ambassador Ocwet and the Embassy of United Arab Emirates in Uganda.

Abak hailed Ambassador Ocwet for his benevolence and ably using his foreign connections to solicit for support for his people. Abak appealed to other leaders to borrow a leaf.

Meanwhile Sheihk Yusuf Balinda, the Imam of Lira Primary Seven Mosque says he also lobbied Ambassador Abdullah Altakkawi Mohammed to consider extending more support to the Muslim community in Lango, citing problems such as lack of water at the mosque.

Addressing the beneficiaries through an Arabic-English Interpreter, the High Commissioner Abdullah Altakkawi  said he was impressed to have reached Lango and extended a helping hand.

“I have always told my friend Ambassador Ocwet that I wanted to reach to his home area and today I am glad to have stepped on his soil,” a jolly looking High Commissioner Abdullah told the beneficiaries.

He added, “Having understood the situations on the ground, I will go back and mobilize more resources for bigger interventions in the near future.”

Zubedah Apio, one of the women who benefited from the donation, told TND News she was happy with the items and said it has boosted her capacity to put food on table for her four children.

Some of the Muslim women who got donations on Sunday.

United Arab Emirates was once a country whose economy was purely backed by oil, but over the years it has become a central tourist destinations and a tourism hub.

It has Dubai as a business city while Abu Dhabi is the center of her administration.

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