“Abiriga Was a Man of Unique Character” -Parliament eulogizes Abiriga

Abiriga being sworn in last year. COURTESY PHOTO.

Parliament on Sunday paid moving tributes to the fallen Arua Municipality MP, Col. Ibrahim Abiriga.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party MP, known for his yellow brand was gunned down on Friday evening with his bodyguard-brother, Saidi Kongo, 48.

His killers, according to Police are being hunted.

Members of Parliament from different political parties, well wishers and relatives attended a special sitting in which he was eulogized.

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister and head of government business, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda said Abiriga spoke his mind and for what he believed him.

The Premier added that the death of Abiriga is a big blow to every peace loving Ugandans.

“His trademark, the yellow attire showed how NRM party was in his heart and we shall greatly miss him,” Prime Minister Rugunda.

Adding: “We thank the people of Arua Municipality for electing him.”

Winnie Kizza, Leader of Opposition (LoP) who doubles as the Kasese district Woman MP said Abiriga loved NRM party Chairman, President Museveni than he loved NRM as a party.

“His love for NRM party leader was far beyond his love for NRM as a party,” she said, adding “Abiriga had a way of communicating his message in unusual way.”

The LoP noted that whereas several murders have been made in the country, government made promises to contain the situation, a promise she said the country yearns to see.

“We demanded for reports when Joan Kigezi, Muslim Clerics, Andrew Felix Kawesi, etc where murdered but nothing has come up to date. Now, we are mourning one of us gunned down. Let us rise up above the occasion and talk about the insecurity in our country. Killers know no party, colors and that is why it has taken Hon. Abiriga,” MP Winnie Kizza said.

Whereas the prime role of government is to keep lives and properties of its citizen, Winnie Kizza urged Ugandans to be vigilant.

“As we send our dear one, let us remember those whose lives were lost in the past. I really wondered who could have killed Abiriga,” she wondered.

In Abiriga, LoP says the deceased would tell you ‘love you and I don’t love you’ openly.

“Abiriga advocated for the increment of MPs and President’s term to serve the country from 5-7 years little did he know he was not going to finish 5 years with us.”

First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Kataha Museveni said lives of many good Ugandans like Joan Kagezi, Felix Kawesi and Abiriga Ibrahim have been ended in a shame brutal manner.

What is this message trying to tell us? “Hon. Abiriga served his nation well right from Arua to Kampala. He laughed, joked even with children.”

“Hon. Abiriga spread love and understanding not like some of us who spread hate stories that poison our society,” First Lady Janet Museveni.

She eulogized him further, describing Abiriga as a man of unique character who was loved from all parts of the country.

Beatrice Anywar, the Kitgum Municipality MP said: “Madam Speaker, I bring condolences from Kitgum Municipality and on my own behalf; I send condolences to NRM party chairman, you (speaker). What we say here sends a message to the family. We are not here to add salt on the wound.”








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