The Murder Of MP Abiriga And Its Consequences On Uganda

biriga in Parliament recently. He was gunned down on Saturday. COURTESY PHOTO.

When former Uganda Police spokesperson, AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi was gunned down by unknown people in Kulambiro, Wakiso district on 17 March 2017, the country and her citizen got inconvenienced.

The inconvenience came after government ordered for compulsory registration of sim-cards and those who didn’t register after the deadline got their phones switched off.

That aside, even those implicated to have masterminded his killing were assaulted from various police cells they were remanded to with aim that they would openly speak out the truth.

As an indication that such inconveniences are far from ending, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Saturday announced to the nation that his government is going to tighten her belt to fight senseless criminals.

Speaking from Kakumiro district from where national Heroes Day celebration was held, Museveni said he was reserved and had no plan to cause inconvenience in the country.

Mr. Museveni said he had belief in his intelligence team; one thing he said made him to ditch roadblocks in the country.

“Now, we are asking Ugandans to allow us do certain things and when we ask you, don’t say this government is harassing you,” Museveni said.

“This will come with installation of tracking devices on cars and motorcycles so we are able to track those cars whenever they go,” he added.

Government will have to spend more on buying some of these devices. INTERNET PHOTO.

Museveni also noted that there are criminals in Uganda who want to fail his regime, vowing vehemently that he’s ready to revenge to protect innocent Ugandans.

To the country’s elites, such imminent project won’t come cheaply as government will levy some modest amount to buy and install, plus other fees as may be deemed applicable.

All must note that, besides individuals facing the burden of this cruel murder, the government too, and on a higher note will have to spend millions and or billions of shillings to procure tracking devices, to facilitate investigators, and other relevant expenses.

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