State of the Nation Address: What Ugandans Are Expecting From The President

President Museveni is expected to address the nation today in Kampala.

At about 2:00 pm East African standard time, millions of Ugandans will be glued to their screens watching president Museveni deliver his state of the nation address in fulfillment of Article 101(1).

The president will address Parliament and the nation at Serena International Conference hall in the capital Kampala as it has been the tradition.

He is expected to tell Ugandans how the economy has performed in the last one year, the economic situation, what Ugandans should expect in the upcoming national budget for the financial year 2018/2019 and the status of the nation’s security.

However many political pundits believe that for the first time, president Museveni will not have an easy speech to deliver considering the spate of deteriorating security situations in the country that has seen wide spread kidnaps all over the country.

What Ugandans expect
TND News took to the streets to gather the expectations of ordinary Ugandans on what they expect to hear the president during his State of the Nation Address.

Ketty Apio is a tomatoes seller at Juba market in Lira town who she says her major concerns are the high interest rates levied on loans by the micro-finance institutions which has seen rising cost of doing business.

Apio says her business is currently struggling because she has to part away with monies to service loans adding that the high cost of doing business has already put off some of her colleagues from the market.

We also caught up with a 36 year old James Okello, a resident of Amolatar Town council and a father of three. He says as a famer, he wishes the president talks on offering subsidies on agricultural farm inputs and also extension of irrigation services. Okello also wants clarity on the move by government to tax scholastic materials.

On the other hand, Jessica Awany is a government primary school teacher in Oyam. She tells TND News that she can’t wait to hear the president in his speech announce an express increment of their salaries which she says has been long overdue.

Prisca Lanyero, 22, from Gulu district but studying in Lira says she is passionate about youth livelihood funds which could shape her future once she get out of the institution and would want the president to announce more funding.

What politicians think
Patrick Apita Apita, a UPC stalwart in Lira district and a lecturer of Engineering in Soroti tells TND News that he does not expect something new from the president’s speech apart from the usual rhetoric “I salute the security and our national force.” Apita mimics president Museveni.

He however says the president should not forget to address the nation on the rampant kidnaps in the country and the disparity in salary increment for science teachers and Arts teachers.

Issa Otoo Amiza who’s former Oyam South MP, just like Apita, says the president has always repeated the same items in his speech. But Otoo tells TND News that the president has to take the issue of the failing security system in the country seriously

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