East Africa: Maize Prices Drop As Farmers Harvest More

Maize grains. Internet photo

Between January and March, 2018, maize prices in the East African markets dropped as farmers harvested more.

The East African Cross-border Trade Bulletin (EACBTB) indicates that from July 2017 to March 2018, 400,166 metric tons of maize was imported from the region into Kenya.

The report further indicates that imported metric tons reinforced lower seasonal prices in most Kenyan markets between January and March 2018 when domestic supply is very high.

In Rwanda, maize prices were recorded at $417 and Tanzania at $198 per tone and Uganda’s prices was recorded at $180.

At the end of the quarter, the report further shows that the price had dropped to $174 in Tanzania, $177 in Uganda and $319 in Rwanda.

In the same report, maize remains the most traded commodity in East Africa higher than 2017 first quarter when sorghum was much in the market.

Sorghum trade was affected by policy persuaded price changeability in Ethiopia and Sudan that generated much uncertainty in the market.

Meanwhile, maize and rice trade in the region is expected to hike extensively with Kenya expected to be a destination market. It has higher prices.

From January to February this year, regional maize trade of 189,742 metric tons was equivalent to 54%, higher that in the first quarter of 2017 and thus lesser to 16% than the five year average. Percentage from January to March 2017 stood at 45%.

Maize grains. Internet photo,

Uganda and Tanzania are applauded by experts for improved maize production and good policies respectively, accounting to 54% and 41% respectively of their exports to Kenya.

“Exports from Tanzania to Kenya have increased after the removal of export ban by Tanzania that had depressed domestic prices enhancing maize competitiveness in Kenya,” the report indicated.

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