Opinion: Five Reasons To Suspect That Gen. Kale Kayihura Was ‘TVO’

Odaka Asuman

By Odaka Asuman

Asuman Odaka

Tom Volatile Okwalinga (TVO) is one person who has disturbed the government of President Museveni by leaking much classified information on social media.

Government went on to close many accounts associated with TVO but as soon as he opens another, it would get thousands of friends immediately.

Giving credibility to the suspicions that Gen Kale Kayihura could have been TVO, here are the five reasons why, I suppose.

First, TVO went silent the moment Gen. Kale Kayihura was cut off the vital intelligence channels of communication.

This happened weeks before the announcement of his sacking from office. To be exact, it was the  evening when police officers were withdrawn and Special Forces Command (SFC) took up Gen. KK’s security before the police spokesperson tried to deny.

Secondly, TVO didn’t fore tell or break the sweet news about Gen Kale Kayihura’s sacking. Gen. KK’s sacking was undoubtedly the biggest news which anybody who would fore tell would turn a celebrity over night.

It was also the kind of news that characterized TVO and not breaking it is obviously suspicious about                the real identity of TVO or his activity.

Thirdly, Throughout Gen. KK’s tenure, he never made mention of TVO in any way or in any forum. Yet anybody who knew Gen. KK obsessions of fighting Mr. Museveni government opponents would only get surprised with Gen. Kale’s silence about the irritating TVO to their government.

Fourthly, The Sophistication and prowess with which TVO acted is of rear training and preserve those only three officers in Mr. Museveni government of which , only Gen. KK is vulnerable and likely to misuse.

This even becomes more credible that only when he is out of the privileged position is when TVO goes              mute.

Fifthly, the nature of information TVO was leaking is a privilege of President, powerful IGP and nobody else. I say the powerful IGP because it’s only during KK’s sacking time when intelligence was brought under IGP’s office.

Suspicions are suspicions because the suspicions I know could be wrong or otherwise but this is also to indicate that I miss TVO.

His revelations put the regime into a state of panic. The regime also became a little bit careful when it came to impunity. I suppose that TVO’s absence has given them some thoughts.

I therefore appeal to TVO to come back by any identity.


The writer is a former MP candidate, Tororo Municipality.

WhatsApp: +256753195384

Disclaimer: The author takes full responsibility herein.

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