FDC Trounces NRM In Rukungiri Woman MP By-Election

Woman MP elect, Muzanira Betty (3rd from left). Courtesy photo.

RUKUNGIRI– Excitements, anguish has taken over Rukungiri town and some parts of the district after Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party flag bearer was announced Women MP elect.

Bamukwasta Betty of FDC party polled 50511 votes with her archrival, Masiko Winifred of NRM party polling 46379 votes.

Kakundakwe Faith of Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) polled 183 votes and Sezi Prisca Bessy Mbaguta of independent collecting 993 votes.

Kiyimba Umar, the Rukungiri District Electoral Returning Officer declared FDC’s Bamukwasta winner of the Thursday By-election on June, 1 2018 from Rukungiri District Council Hall.

“I, KIYIMBA UMAR, being the Returning Officer for RUKUNGIRI Electoral District HAVING ADDED UP THE number of votes cast as recorded on each Declaration of Results Form in accordance with section 53 of the Parliamentary Elections Act (As amended, declare that the total number of valid votes cast for each candidates is as follows (see above statistics and summary below).

Lost: Winifred Masiko. Courtesy photo.
Betty Muzanira casts her vote yesterday. Courtesy photo.

He further declares: “Accordingly, as Returning Officer for RUKUNGIRI Electoral District and in accordance with Section 58(1) of the Parliamentary Elections Act, 2005 (As amended), I declare BAMUKWASTA BETTY who has obtained the largest number of votes to be the elected candidate for DISTRICT WOMAN REPRESENTATIVE TO PARLIAMENT, Rukungiri District.”

On Thursday, the residents went to poll to reelect their Woman MP Representative in the 10 Parliament after the MP elect had appealed to higher Court.


Bamukwasta Betty (FDC, Woman MP Elect) polled 50511 votes

Kakundakwe Faith of PPP got                                           183 votes

Masiko Winifred of NRM garnered                             46379 votes

Total valid votes cast for candidates                                      98167

Invalid votes                                                                                 2152

Spoilt ballot papers                                                                      338

Total number of ballot papers counted                             100318





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