Confusion Mars Lira Budget Priorities

Lira LC5 Chairperson, Alex Oremo Alot. File photo.

As Lira district Council discussed departmental budget allocation for approval for fiscal year 2018-2019, Education sector had more issues.

This followed a number of schools in poor state within the district, disabling the councilors from choosing which one to be budgeted for.

Among the schools that were allocated for, within the over Shs17 billion (45.1%) of the total budget of Shs38.292.093.000 includes Agali Primary school and Abutadu Primary school in Amach Sub County, Anai Primary school in Lira Sub County, Ayamo Primary school in Bar Sub County and Ongica Primary school in Ngetta Sub County.

Most of these schools have poor infrastructure and poor sanitation facilities among other major problems.

However, a discussion to pick up a school as a priority proved tough on Monday with various councilors giving different arguments.

“I know blackboards in some of these schools are not tampered with. They even have roofs over their heads much as they are smearing the floor with cow dung but the pupils can still study,” Jefferson Obalim, the Councilor representing Lira Central Division told the district Council.

Other councilors said renovation works that had stalled like that at Abutadi Primary school should not be prioritized now since there is at least some work done there while others said it should be completed before another project started.

Choosing between Ayamo Primary school, which has no toilet facilities, and Anai Primary school with poor structures became the biggest decision to make with other Councilors threatening to leave the council meeting.

“Some of you only travel in cars in the names of supervision and do not see the situation on the ground. Let’s work basing on experience from down there, if not I will walk out of the house in protest,” Moses Otim a Councilor representing Ogur Sub County said.

However, the matter concluded when the District Speaker George Rashid Opio tasked the Councilors to cast votes in favor of what they want.

“Is it good enough for the district to be doing renovations every year, why don’t we finish all the renovations at once and start a new project?” Rashid asked before voting.

Of the 19 councilors who were present at that time, 14 voted in favor of finishing renovations while five voted for suspension of renovations while new projects kick off at other schools with major challenges. This vote favored Anai and Abutadi Primary school to be allocated for in the new budget of the new financial year 2018/2019.

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