23 more Lira Pilgrims ride bicycles to Namugongo

Some of the pilgrims riding to Namugongo. Photo by Immaculate Amony

With only six days left for the Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations, a group of 23 pilgrims from Lira Diocese on Tuesday left for Namugongo on bicycles.

Among them is Alphonse Echonga, a 75 year old male and Teddy  Ajwang (the only female among males) from Obutuwelo chapel in Lira Diocese and a 23 year old and the rector Aboke seminary Fr George Humble Opio, all riding their bicycles in faith.

Speaking to TND News desk, Tinny Oola, the team leader said they would take three days to reach Namugongo.

“We started our journey very well. So far, we are all in good shape. We expect to gain a lot spiritually since we all have different challenges in spirit and materially and hope to have many changes, our families and Diocese,” Oola said.

The pilgrims walking under the theme: Witnessing Christ in Bicycle Wheels, a theme drawn from Acts of Apostles 1:8 expect healing for all the pilgrims.

“As the Bible says ‘seek first the kingdom of God and all the rest will fall in line’ we are hopeful that by riding, God will bless us and give us even things that we have not asked for,” Oola said.

While giving his blessing, Bishop Joseph Franzeli, the Bishop for Lira Diocese reminded the pilgrims to take the moment as the time to renew their intimate union with God.

“Remember and pray unceasingly for successful preparations and celebrations of the diocesan golden jubilee coming up this year,” Bishop Franzeli cautioned.

The bicycle pilgrimage in Lira Diocese started in 2015 when the catholic diocese of proudly and successfully animated Uganda Martyrs day celebration at Namugongo.

Meanwhile the group of foot pilgrims who left one week ago was by Wednesday evening in Kasana- Luwero Diocese. They expect to make a two days journey to arrive at the Martyrs shrine in Namugongo.

This year’s Martyrs day celebration is going to be animated by Christians from Tororo Diocese.

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