Omoro widowers want full government support

Piggery is one of the projects Omoro widowers admire. Courtesy photo.


OMORO- Widowers in the Northern Uganda district of Omoro are demanding for full supports from government to help them properly manage their home affairs.

Denish Okello, a widower from Lakwana Sub County in the district says government “must give them support akin to widows” because they are overwhelmed with domestic responsibilities after losing their spouses.

He said taking care of children alone after the death of their mothers (wives) deserves government intervention and recognition.

Adulai Aryat, 55, another widower from Omoro Town Council said a widower and a widow carry equal burden and responsibility of taking care of children.

“We in Omoro district have realized government only favors widows. It’s high time we organize ourselves and ask the same government for help,” he said.

According to Adulai, special projects like piggery, poultry keeping and bee keeping would be of paramount help to them within few years.

“Most of the above projects are always given to widows and yet we are all equal,” a father of two children said.

Joseph Abali, another widower from Lalogi Sub County says their voices must be heard, adding that “soon we will petition district authorities over this demand”.

“Taking care of children and their needs need much effort from relatives, community and government,” Abali told TND News reporter on Monday.

He implored government not only to be thinking about widows countrywide and yet some of them (widowers) are in dire need of same aid.

Abali, is one of the men who lost their dear wives during years of LRA insurgency in northern Uganda, and now calling on government for help.

At least 20 women groups comprising of widows in the district are said to be getting financial support for various projects from government to better their living.

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