Adjumani district approves shs.35b budget for fiscal year 2018/19


 Adjumani district council has passed a budget of Uganda shilling 35 billion for fiscal year 2018/2019.

The new approved budget saw an increment of Shs.11 billion from ending fiscal year’s 24 billion.

Health sector took the lion share with Shs.10 billion shillings allocation. Education got Shs.9 billion and agriculture, the country’s backbone being allocated only Shs.2 billion shilling.

Dominic Idro Tako, the speaker of Adjumani district council said the funds shall be realized from donor funds to the district, local revenue and central government transfers for wage bill and conditional grants among others.

“We hope to raise these funds from local revenue, donor funding from the humanitarian agencies, conditional grants as well as government transfers from the central government to cater for the wage bills of the civil servants in the district,” Idro disclose.

Adjumani district LC5 chairperson James Leku said the main focus of the district is on health matters.

Leku said it was one of the reasons for the increase in allocation from Shs. 6.64 billion in 2017/2018 fiscal year to 10 billion.

The district chair also said the high influx of refugees to the district prompted the council to consider health sector a priority.

High influx of refugees in Arua caused increased budget allocation on health.

Leku observes that they have also increased fund allocation in the education sector from Shs.6.1 billion to Shs.9 billion, noting: “We plan and hope to bridge the gaps of distances in reaching learning institutions among other challenges still hindering education performances in the district.”

“This year`s budget focus more on the health and education sectors. Explaining the increase in the fund allocations for the respective sectors, we hope to fill that various gaps still existing in the major sectors to improve production and service delivery in the district,” Leku observes.

Brief budget summary for 2018/2019

Health                                     shs.10 billion shillings

Education                              shs. 9 billion shillings

Agriculture                           shs. 2 billion shillings


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