OPINION: Not three days mourning for accident victims, declare three years’ mourning for death of health care system

By Odaka Asuman

Odaka Samuel

I heard President Museveni declared three days of national mourning over the victims of Gaagaa bus accident. He also promised to give the families of those who died Shs. 5m, the survivors Shs. 3m on top of airlifting them to Kampala.

This on its own shows a caring government but read together with other things is an embarrassment to Mr. Museveni and his government.

Accidents are unavoidable part of our lives but two things must be put to context; the causes and care of the victims.

This government has tired narratives when faced by consequences of their own failures. When they fail to explain mysterious kidnapping of Ugandans, they blame it on terrorist organization or illuminate. If it’s failure in economy, they blame it on dollar rates; for accidents they’ve endlessly blamed it on the careless driving. What sort of government is this?

This government claimed to have constructed road of course at an exaggerated yet quality of the road is pathetic, they are too narrow to have two trucks pass each other safely, no pathways or option for cyclist.

The quality, size and styles of the Ugandan roads make them the most susceptible to head on collusion among the world roads.

Realizing how dangerous it’s to use roads, the government is now constructing roads where ordinary Uganda must pay to use it or die in the congested ones.

Secondly, when Museveni came to power he found functioning healthcare system. Hospitals had capacity to handle all cases including emergency of accident nature.

Kiryandongo hospital was such capable hospital where one didn’t need extreme case to have a patient to be airlifted for “specialized treatment”. We now have regional hospitals which can’t even offer first aid to accident victims? Kiryandongo hospital is just a stone throw away from the Gaagaa accident spot but the hospital was literary overwhelmed after receiving just less than 20 patients that necessitated Museveni’s personal orders.

I also remember when supporters of JPAM and Museveni clashed in Ntungamo. Museveni had to order for them to be airlifted. How can you run a country for 32 years without a single health centre with ability to handle a simple first aid?

Mr. President I humbly request you to declare three years of national mourning over the death of our healthcare system. Maybe by then attention will have been shifted and help sought.


The writer is former MP candidate, Tororo Municipality

Tel. (WhatsApp) number: +25675195384

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