Amuru withdraws health workers, drugs from health center after Museveni’s directive

President Museveni says Apaa is in Adjumani. Courtesy photo.


ADJUMANI- Amuru district has written to the Ministry of Health and Adjumani district seeking to withdraw her health workers and drugs from Apaa health center II.

The health centre is located in a hotly disputed area that was demarcated under Adjumani district by the Ministry of Lands recently.

Early this month in Amuru, President Museveni directed that the health centre be under Adjumani district local government.

Amuru District Health Officer (DHO), Dr. Patrick Olwedo said the handover of the health facility to Adjumani district is scheduled for end of May.

Dr. Olwedo told TND News that President Museveni while in Atiak during a fundraising drive said that Apaa is in Adjumani district and so they are following his directive.

“We cannot continue deploying and distributing medicines and our health staff to Apaa health center II when President Museveni while at Atiak early this month directed that Apaa is in Adjumani. So as a district, we don’t want to disobey presidential directives and communications,” Dr Olwedo added.

Amuru district LCV chairperson, Michael Lakony while making a statement during a meeting summoned by the Paramount Chief of Acholi, Rwod David Onen Acana said Amuru district has continued to run the health facility even after the government declared it as an administrative unit under Adjumani district.

Adjumani district LCV chairperson, James Leku acknowledges receipt of the letter from Amuru district saying, “the district is already planning for the handover ceremony of the health facility soon.”

Leku also said plans are underway to relocate the health facility from Apaa to Zoka C since the current location is in the jurisdiction of Uganda Wildlife Authority.

He further said that the health centre will undergo new face-lift and upgrade from the current health center II to health center III.

“We have written to the Ministry of Health to upgrade the facility from health center II to III to provide for maternal health services among other services at Zoka C because currently the health facility is in a wildlife reserve,” Leku noted.


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