Speaker Kadaga mourns Gaagaa bus accident victims

Former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. File photo

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, is saddened to learn about the tragic accident that claimed over twenty Ugandan lives, leaving many injured.

“The pain of losing dear ones to road accidents is becoming very common on our roads, yet recent accidents are evidence that the country seems not to be picking lessons from such tragedies,” Kadaga said.

A developing nation like Uganda, said Kadaga, should not lose the desperately needed human resource that will anchor the progress the nation deserves.

Being a country of many deaths on the road, observed the Speaker, it does not help the country’s march to progress in light of the tears such tragedies leave on the face of many, and the orphans the accidents create.

Kadaga asked government to establish strict standard operating procedures for buses, especially reducing or altogether regulating night travels and traveling with a permanent Marshall who should be a police officer to enforce upon drivers matters relating to safety of passengers.

Kadaga asked government and all citizens of good will to extend all forms of support to the bereaved families and the injured, especially ensuring that the orphans get good education so their future is not jeopardized by the loss of dear ones.

In the interim, Kadaga called for speedy and conclusive investigations into the accident, the outcome of which should guide a national intervention to lessen and end such episodes of tragedy that befalls the country every so often.

On behalf of Parliament, and her own behalf, Kadaga said the incident troubles her and sought heavenly support and comfort to all those affected.

Kadaga’s eulogy followed government’s announcement on Sunday, declaring three days of national mourning and ordering all public places to raise flags at half mast.


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