IGP Ochola withdraws ‘you can stone them’ statement

IGP Ochola (M) and his deputy, AIGP Sabiti in Parliament recently.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola has withdrawn his recent statement which was somewhat, inciting the pubic against Police.

Uganda Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima has said in a statement dated Friday, 25 May 2018.

According to Kayima, his boss, who’s on official tour of Rwizi, Greater Masaka and Bushenyi, said no parent would incite public against his own children.

The Police authorities also warned members of the public from taking Laws into their hands by harming any police officers on duty as was reported.

Kayima added: “It’s unlawful and those found doing so will be arrested and prosecuted.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the Police Chief, Okoth Ochola asked public to resist unlawful arrest by his men in uniform.

The IGP, humbly speaking further directed the public to demand from Police officers on duty authentic identity card, warrant of arrest and reason for causing the arrest.

“Help us arrest them too even if they are armed. If they resist, you can get a stone and stone them,” IGP said on Wednesday.

Is IGP quaking?

Most Kampalans  TND News reporter talked to on Friday evening had similar feelings of how Police Chief felt after his statement.

Mbariza Justus, a trader at Owino market said: “We are living in a more complex digital world. You fart now and the whole world is shaking. To me, that’s the status of the IGP now.”

Another trader said: “We have had several evictions and his remark was going to help us. Many times you see police coming and telling you move,” Sharifa Nalongo said.

Kintu Owek asked the public and police to forgive the IGP, saying, ‘mistake is for us all. I don’t think he was misquoted but may be a slip of tongue.’

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