Conmen invade Teso, defraud cash at will

TESO SUB-REGION- With what seems to be drama in Teso Sub-region, conmen have invaded Teso’s top business districts including Soroti and Kumi conning people at will while security is unaware yet their cardinal duty is to protect Ugandans.

Preliminary information indicates that conmen have resorted to using education sector as means of minting cash from the desperate unsuspecting people.

Some parents are charged between Shs 30,000 to Shs400, 000. In Kumi, even though the number of people who have been conned has not been established, authorities say people were charged money by unknown charity organization which took off after collecting money worth millions.

Kumi District boss Christine Apolot says despite the district leadership’s efforts to sensitize the people on the invasion of the conmen, most people have paid deaf ears.

She says the conmen operate without the notice of any district leadership including the chairperson of Security in the district (RDC).

Illustration: Some drop coin or notes yet their target is your pocket. Courtesy Photo.

According to Apolot, the district authorities only learn of the existence of the conmen after the same people who failed to adhere to their warning reportto them about their conning.

In Soroti, different groups of conmen claiming to be helping both the rich and poor expand their capital have conned money worth millions.

Recently, police in Soroti apprehended senior staff at E-coin after the community suspecting them to be the group that was conning money. But, they were released on bond and no information has been availed to the people.

It’s believed that, business people whose businesses are falling, is as a result of E-coin as many joined in the hope of gaining the more.

Most business men and women sold their assets,  others to the extent of selling land to raise capital to enable them gain but their efforts have yielded no fruits leaving them counting loses.

Barely a week, another con group called Liberty International Limited that had located its premises in Juma bay Road also vanished with People’s cash.

Gabriel OkurutEtesot, the councilor for Pioneer Ward in Soroti Municipality explains that, the Liberty international at least in minimum swindled over Shs100 Million.

Soroti RDC Isaac Kawooya has not disputed the allegations of existence of the conmen in the town but says he has also received several complaints from people over the existence of that group of conmen.

Kawooya said, as head of security in the district, he and his colleagues only get information of conmen when people report complaints but are not aware when most of these groups start existing.

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